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  1. I would hope that would not keep you from liking it, phew
  2. Good
  3. Good, the very type.
  4. It was good last night initially, it is even better now, very good.
  5. Band is awesome, previous album is awesome, awesome.
  6. Very good, but duh
  7. Solid ep, Far From The Lies album is still the best.
  8. Better late than never for you both, sad , but new fans are good fans @Dwesk is ignoring me.
  9. Anyways lol, great album. Don't sleep on the previous.
  10. at least you have @LKA liking you , you and the crew.
  11. sorry I am not as liked as other users, maybe you wouldn't have been so edgy, definitely would not have actually. Anyways, great that it is being updated, thank you.
  12. Don't worry already got it, just thought it would be neat.
  13. Imagine what it would be like with a quality update