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  1. Song is really good but production is awful and ruins it, i can't believe they don't have the budget to get better recording and mixing than what they been getting on the last 2 albums
  2. Really liking the songs released so far, altough i reckon some people might not like it at all, looking forward for the new album.
  3. Such a lazy album, and as a result, pretty meh. If this was made from scratch, it could've been amazing, unfortunately like it is, it's just the same vocals from the albuns with different instruments + guest vocals and effects added.
  4. is this correct? That song is from gentlemen roosevelt (singer of before their eyes) from their 2014 EP, with the exact same mix and vocals, they didn't change a thing.
  5. This is great, they're 2 for 2 on singles, looking forward to their album.
  6. It's their weakest album unfortunately, it's not bad for any means, but when comparing to Transmissions and Vessels it's not at the same level.
  7. They were amazing with their old singer, now, unfortunately, it's just meh.
  8. This has a Times of Grace vibe, wish for me is awesome, whish they would release another album.
  9. This has an innocence & instinct vibe which for me is great because it was their best album imo, however the production quality is really meh, i hope their other songs are better in that regard.
  10. Wow great song, altouigh i still really like their softer side.
  11. Unfortunately KC Simonsen was such a better singer, this album lacks a lot on the clean vocals.
  12. Agree, it sounds way more poppier than their previous stuff, it's not bad but they have done a lot better in the past.
  13. This is really good, hope there is an album coming soon.
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