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  1. Wow great song, altouigh i still really like their softer side.
  2. Unfortunately KC Simonsen was such a better singer, this album lacks a lot on the clean vocals.
  3. Agree, it sounds way more poppier than their previous stuff, it's not bad but they have done a lot better in the past.
  4. This is really good, hope there is an album coming soon.
  5. Why the hell isn't normandie on the list?
  6. Love it, 10/10 album for me, one of my favorite albums of the year. However since this album is softer and has a different approach than Inguz some people might not like it that much because of it.
  7. Josey Scott leaving was the best thing to happen to Saliva, they really did improve a lot after that.
  8. This is his weakest album by far, still it's nice to see that several good christian artists like him and for king & country are showing up in here.
  9. wow... this is awful, horrible mixing, completely excessive autotune and the list goes on.
  10. i actually prefer this to most songs on their last album, not bad.
  11. only 9 songs... that's too bad. Sound mixing in the new songs is a lot poorer compared to the old singles they had like die for you when they were with the old label. decent album overall but was expecting a lot better.
  12. Their worst album by far imo, which is a shame because fight or flight was really good.
  13. BB's best album so far, and torn in two at last! it's awesome
  14. this album is shaping up to be their best yet, now release the full version of torn in two already!
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