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  1. Wow, gotta say, love this. I really like all the singles they have released so far and this is no exception. Looking forward to their debut album
  2. Loveless feat Kellin Quinn - Someone else on 28th august
  3. It depends on your taste, if what you liked in Normandie was their heavier side like black blood or their album Inguz in general it's normal that you won't like this, as for me i liked their last album (White Flag) a lot more and this has a similar approach to that album.
  4. Yes! These guys cannot do a bad song, so good!
  5. So, these guys are on indefinite hiatus as the singer (brent walsh) has been accused of sexual abuse/misconduct by several women.
  6. Album leaked because one of the Websites that sell albums digitally forgot to change the release date to 28 August and had the album available for purchase for a few hours.
  7. This is great, 3/3 on singles, hope they release an album soon.
  8. Paloma - Lock me up releasing on 26th June
  9. Anberlin had a US tour planned that had to be postponed due to COVID and had played several shows this last year so a comeback with a new album might not be that far off
  10. I'm hoping next Stephen announces a new anberlin album!
  11. Really nice song, their best since they changed the lineup
  12. Song is meh, expect way more from them, however the instrumental part after 2:50 min is awesome.
  13. Song is really good but production is awful and ruins it, i can't believe they don't have the budget to get better recording and mixing than what they been getting on the last 2 albums
  14. Really liking the songs released so far, altough i reckon some people might not like it at all, looking forward for the new album.
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