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  1. Been waiting for this impatiently. Thank you very much! Can't wait to finish work and listen to it. Edit: Purchased the CD right away. Quickest decision ever made. Moon was amazing, the other two singles so-so on the first listen, but there's some truly majestic moments here, especially Void and Eraser. Listening to the album as a whole really gives each song more depth and meaning. A truly cohesive experience. This stuff hits right in the feels.
  2. Whoa, now that's amazing! The chorus sounds so good! Good job, Mike!
  3. Holy shit, I liked the singles, especially House of Dust, but I was unsure about how it's all gonna come together, especially after the last album that felt a bit off. But, I've gotta say, the way that first song kicks in sounds like this is gonna be a wild and unique ride. Gonna update my impressions later. Thank you for this!
  4. Gotta say, that's some very interesting stuff. Gonna listen to it today in more detail.
  5. New Ludens made the song even better, if that were possible. Hell, what an amazing song.
  6. What is this talk about "new versions" of Ludens and Parasite Eve?
  7. I am really glad these guys are still around, enjoyed the last single a lot, hoping this one is great too. Thanks, gonna check it out soon! Edit: WOW. What a song! Starts so good, and then... that chorus slaps and makes it even better. This is brilliant! One of the best songs I have heard lately! 🖤
  8. Thanks so much for this. I've been really eager to check it out. What's with the downvote? In Blueberry Memories is a fav at the moment.
  9. Good to read that there's an intro song attached, I was really confused at first. The song gets significantly better later, lol. I actually like this.
  10. I like the song a lot. Love the direction they took. It reminds me of 2000s, and a particular band....I just can't put my finger on which. XD Maybe early Silverstein vocally, but that's not it. Anyone got an idea what I'm talking about?
  11. Hm, I can't say I like it on the first few listens. Sounds kinda generic and bland to me. Like a weaker version of Mantra, and Mantra is one of maybe two songs on Amo that I don't really care about much. Ludens is still the best of the bunch without a doubt. Waiting to hear for the whole EP.
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