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  1. Bless u guys for this. I love his music so much
  2. @Lord Rorschach same man! I still get really emotional seeing Jesse so broken up about the accident
  3. This is a game changing album, who here has seen the documentary they did over this album and the 10 yr tour
  4. Really diggin this new track and now im really hyped for the new album
  5. This is really good. I like it alot. Also on the same note, their old drummer Bryan Sammis has a new project and its really good. They're releasing an EP in october
  6. Wasn't all that into Cold Like War but this is pretty good.
  7. Way too good
  8. I keep on listening to this, and its really good. Hope to see them on tour since last time they did a tour near me Lucas was sick so the band performed without him
  9. HUGE step up from their last album. The Cleans vs Un-Cleans is a great mix because that chorus hit me out of nowhere. Instrumentals are great as always. I think we're in for a big treat with this album
  10. This is crazy good, don't get me wrong I love their heavier side but I love when Chris really pulls off his cleans