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  1. Slaves - I Know a Lot of Artists [Single] (2018)

    This one wasnt as good as the others in my opinion. None-the-less still good and still has me anticipated for the album
  2. Thank you Filecrypt, everything you guys do is greatly appreciated here in the KL community
  3. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    Holy cow this album is good, I Love Room 138 Danny is blowing Dennis out of the water on this
  4. Good Charlotte - Awful Things (Single) (2017)

    Rip Peep GBC forever and Fuck Mariah Bons
  5. G-Eazy - The Beautiful & Damned (2017)

    Wow you got that up quick lol
  6. Icarly can get it any day tbh. kidding though
  7. lil pump is god and we all must submit to him
  8. Too Close To Touch - Before I Cave In [Single] (2017)

    they never disappoint me. This band is easily in my top 5
  9. Sleeping With Sirens - Christmas on the Road [Single] (2017)

    Not bad, im not really into these guys anymore but i'd def listen to this rather than the album
  10. Eminem - Walk On Water (ft. Beyoncé) [Single] (2017)

    different, i'm kind of iffy on it.
  11. Slaves - True Colors [Single] (2017)

    i really dig this
  12. nothing, nowhere - Reaper (2017)

    Bless u guys for this. I love his music so much
  13. Misery Signals - Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004)

    @Lord Rorschach same man! I still get really emotional seeing Jesse so broken up about the accident
  14. Misery Signals - Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004)

    This is a game changing album, who here has seen the documentary they did over this album and the 10 yr tour
  15. Like Moths To Flames - Dark Divine (Single) (2017)

    Really diggin this new track and now im really hyped for the new album