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  1. There was a rumor going around Garrett was supposed to sing on some songs, does anybody know which ones if that’s true? I’m at work and tryna hear Garret’s parts first when I get off
  2. Fuck Quavo for that sneak Peep diss. Migos are trash anyways and dumb af cause they sit around sippin lean and writing “hits” that in reality are trash and would take any other person 5 seconds to write
  3. Anyone know why tuck has like no parts on this record? Y’all think he’s leaving the band and focusing on his other project?
  4. Michael Barr worked on apart of this album I’m pretty sure tbh
  5. These guys are from my hometown, (Kansas City) and theres mad scene beef because of their song the 4th wave lmao. It’s still rolling on too. This shit is cringe
  6. well it is and isn't there's details that are different, such as the necklace, and some colors. It looks ripped off to me tbh
  7. This one wasnt as good as the others in my opinion. None-the-less still good and still has me anticipated for the album
  8. Thank you Filecrypt, everything you guys do is greatly appreciated here in the KL community
  9. Holy cow this album is good, I Love Room 138 Danny is blowing Dennis out of the water on this
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