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  1. I regret playing that video, extremely not a fan of this
  2. 1. Gamma Sector - Nex Omne 2. Bloodbather - Pressure 3. VCTMS - VOL.2 Inside the mind 4. XTexas ChainsawX - State Of Filth 5. Filth - God Has A Plan 6. Introvert - A Collection Of Failed Attempts To Breathe 7. The Senate - Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far away 8. Still_bloom - Downer_ 9. Landon Tewers - Ai640 Pt.2 10. Neon Graves - Malediction
  3. Such an amazing EP, Miss deviant a lot but im so proud of Matt for what he's getting done
  4. I'm such a big suicide silence fan but Jesus Christ what the fuck is this
  5. 5/10 love the instrumentals but not a fan of the vocals
  6. Infant annihilator, carnifex, Chelsea grin, desires, adtr, taa, Attila? (Not sure if coming this year)
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