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  1. Anyone have the new single "Heart of Gold"
  2. NVM I found 256 VBR rips if anyone wants them I'll post a link
  3. Anyone have the TARGET deluxe voice memos
  4. Does anyone have the first single from this album???
  5. Ice Nine Kills, State Champs, Seaway, Grayscale, and Capsize were the standouts for me
  6. Patent Pending - Spring Break '99 EP (2012)
  7. I've been looking for an HQ MP3 of Cartel's "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" from Kevin & Bean's "Super Christmas" But I know that's probably a long shot so can you get As It Is - "No Way Out" (2016)
  8. Does anyone have the latest grat track, "Hawaii (Stay Awake)"
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