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  1. Oh good. We need an Issues replacement lol jk
  2. Holy fuck! Definetely of their best songs.
  3. Damn, this album is right in your face. Loving it
  4. Just heard the vocalist left... thats sad. Hope they can find someone as unique as him.
  5. This is really good and the clean segments are so nice... Marcus is one hell of a vocalist.
  6. LOVE THEM! Machines In The Forest is one of my favorite songs this year.
  7. These guys are pretty good. Do they have a full release coming soon or something?
  8. Yo, you should check Loveless and Songs Of Soulitude albums... Give Heartbound a spin too.
  9. Well, I wasn't expecting anything better than this. It's on par with It Comes And Goes (Which isn't a very memorable album, to be honest). Favorites are: Feel So Empty, Spirit Is Moving and Who We Are. Dislikes: Fade Away has an AWFUL synth going through that ruins it (And kinda hurts my ears lol) and First Light. The rest is good, but they could have done so much more... Anyway, this band is one of my favorites and I wish them the best.
  10. Just wish they could end their career as a band with a better album. Judging by these songs, none of them have any lasting impact.
  11. I've discovered this album today and already spun it 5 times. Surprisingly, this is an Aoty material so far.
  12. I wasn't expecting this to be this good, at all. It's so diverse and nostalgic. Favs are: Thousand Golden People, Shimmer, Baby Cobra and Ask For The Anthem. Freaks closes up the album on a high note too.
  13. I was listening to them like, an hour ago. Their debut is phenomenal.
  14. They're getting better and better. Pretty good track.
  15. Damn, we all need a full album already! They drop no bad songs
  16. This is actually pretty good. Took me by surprise. Vagabond chorus is so catchy. Martyr and All Of This Fleeting are great too.
  17. The art reminds me a lot of that Being As An Ocean album
  18. The "2020" thingy? I really hope it means something else lol
  19. All we have here is the Aedes mosquito, and thats it lol
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