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  1. Meh. I was expecting a little more "punch". Also, only 8 new tracks after 3 years? They could have added more content. Zach Britt vocals are much more powerful than Marcels, I miss Marcel screaming more. Favorites are: Same Old War, Stay, Paper Thin and Tell Me Why. 6.5/10
  2. I like this way more than I thought I would. 4/5 Favorites are: Red Clouds I fucked up War Evermore Human (That Sincerely Collins verse on the choruses are fucking great) I don't Mind (It isn't as out of place as Real Life, I swear lol) Run Away Lonely Don't really like: Why Am I like This? (Sunday bloody sunday) Real Life (Way too much Drum & bass-ish for me) The others are Meh.
  3. One of my favorite bands, but I'm not feeling these singles
  4. Not my thing, but damn, that album cover
  5. What does this sounds like? RIYL, please?
  6. Meh. Last album was such dissapointment and not a fan of these acoustic things anymore lol
  7. Oh dear... this is heavy. "A Vicarious Life" will hit you hard. Don't sleep on this lol
  8. Is it just me, or ALOT of Bilmuri songs sound the same? They're not bad, just very very similar to each other.
  9. One of my favorite bands. Will always love these guys.
  10. I know exactly what you're talking about. I've listened to it earlier today, and yeah, this is solid.
  11. Sounds good, also, that artwork is beautiful!
  12. Sounds interesting. Will be waiting for the 320 aswell.
  13. I'm surprised at how good this is. Best album of the year so far.
  14. I think I've listened to Fake Friends about 30 times today lol shit is so catchy. Love this dudes work.