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  1. This sounds good. Kinda refreshing.
  2. My thoughts, exactly! I searched for them on Spotify the other day and was like ??? Very messy hahah
  3. I'm pretty excited to this. Their EP was so good.
  4. Had to look that up. I really had no Idea of what happened lol
  5. Surprisingly good. Could use a little more unclean vocals here and there tho, loving the groovyness in this. Favorites are: Here's To You, Find Forever, Rain, Downfall, Second Best and Beautiful Oblivion. Not a fan of: Flexin'. 7,5/10.
  6. Pretty forgetable, to be honest. Sleep talk, Gates of Ivory and Starving To Be Empty are pretty good tho. They'll probably never beat their debut. That album is so good. Might give it more spins to see if it grows.
  7. Damn, thats a voice. Never heard of these guys before, seems like I've been missing something good.
  8. Not feeling this one. When we going to have a new EP or full Album?
  9. Hey, this is actually good. Give them a chance.
  10. Never been a fan of these guys and didn't understand the hype Deadweight had. Anyway, Grave is really addictive.
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