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  1. Don't know how I got some of those albums, but whatever haha.
  2. The Arusha Accord, Hail the Sun, Boston Manor, Thrice, FFAK, Sumac, TSSF and The Black Queen were my most listened to this month.
  3. Honestly a huge let down compared to their previous material. This is just watered down voice-overs with maybe like 2-3 actual songs.
  4. Why is @Lord Kingdom posting selfies on here and disguising it as Avril?
  5. Such a great album. Definitely a change of sound, but still fantastic nonetheless.
  6. I mean, it'll never touch Vheissu or TAITA, but this is probably the best Thrice records following those. Thrice have always been known to be consistently awesome, and Palms is no exception. Glad to have this be a part of such a phenomenal discography. Highly recommend.
  7. One of the biggest surprises of the year for me. Really have enjoyed this album, despite listening to it like 9,801 times, and cannot wait to hear it in HQ tomorrow.
  8. Pretty enjoyable, but I still don't see the insane amount of hype these guys get.
  9. I really don't get the huge hype for bands that seem to be extremely popular on this site.... Asking Alexandria, Counterparts, Fit For a King, Being As An Ocean..... the list goes on. Yeah, they make some pretty average to good music, but it seems like they are overhyped to the point of frustration on my end. Expand your horizons and give new stuff a shot instead of obsessing over the most well known bands.
  10. Such a fun listen. Very good album, although the vocals are kind of low in the mix.
  11. Pretty solid EP. Very fun to listen to and these guys are quite talented, which makes it that much better.
  12. This month had a ton of fantastic releases, and it's truly hard too hard to narrow it down to one release (even if half of what I loved isn't listed *cough* @Lord Kingdom slacking *cough*) Time the Valuator, Actor Observer, KEN Mode, Makari and TAA definitely were among my most listened. Initially I was super hyped for Erra, but it ended up being more of a let down than anything.
  13. Now this is a difficult listen, but if you stand firm and listen through it all, you're leaving with a true experience: this album is massive in scale and atmospheric as hell. Everything compliments one another perfectly and is easily one of, if not the best, post-metal releases this year or for many years for that matter. Highly recommend listening to these guys and all the work they've done prior to his band.