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  1. First time listening to these guys, and I am highly impressed. Definitely a solid album that is sure to cater to both metalcore and hardcore fans alike.
  2. Really, really good stuff right here. Pelagic Records never disappoint.
  3. While it may be by the numbers Annisokay, this album is still pretty fantastic.
  4. Twin Peaks nostalgia. The demos remind me why her voice was my favorite thing about that soundtrack.
  5. Slant Plant delivering deliciousness. One of the few bands that I feel are not reinventing the wheel but are keeping modern metalcore alive. This is beyond solid and I truthfully cannot wait to hear the album in its entirety.
  6. Not too bad. Well worth a spin or two.
  7. Nothing groundbreaking for sure, but still very well done and enjoyable.
  8. Fantastic. Super glad they released something new.
  9. Catchy as hell. Definitely have nothing but good things to say about this release.
  10. Totally loved every second of listening to this. The vocals, the guitars, the drumming.... they all just interweave and create some beautiful music. Has been on steady rotation for a few weeks now!
  11. Andy was definitely the missing piece to the puzzle: he compliments everything so well and is the perfect fit for this kind of sound. Such a fantastic release.
  12. oh my. i just might need to broaden some of your horizons and enlighten you with some true masterpieces.
  13. Pure chaos in sound form, in the most beautiful way possible. Easily going to be in my top 10 at the end of the year; the musicianship is far too fantastic not to take note of.
  14. Not half bad. Gonna need to listen again a few more times, but based on first impressions I totally dig this.
  15. Be that as it may, they still sound nothing like the list of their influences. I appreciate them as musicians, but I'm personally not a fan of this, especially since it's kind of misleading. Also, I don't know where you're discovering your new music at, but most of the newer acts that I've discovered sound immensely better than this, so I don't know where you got that 90% figure, but I definitely disagree on that.