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  1. Nice. Need to get the rest of her stuff up here!
  2. Is this gonna be a 6-track EP then? Just going off that artwork with the titles on it...?
  3. Thanks. This band are unreal. First album is a masterpiece.
  4. I haven't been bothering with these tunes because i was just waiting for an album... Does anyone know if we're actually getting one or just a whole bunch of singles?
  5. The Spark was a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. I like the verses and stuff on here but that chorus... bland as fuck. Maybe it'll be a grower. Wasn't massive on 'Live Outside' when I first heard it but I am now.
  6. Listened to 'Estus Flask' just cos Dark Souls and it's plop.
  7. Anyone know if these are all going on an album or not? If so, I'll just wait and get that when it eventually turns up.
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