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  1. Christ this improves with every listen. Absolutely incredible. AOTY already, probably. How can this be topped? I love every second of this. Somehow they topped The Cold Sun.
  2. Holy fuck this is incredible. Need a few more listens to digest.
  3. This style of album art was cool before people began miming it lol
  4. Yup I think this is my favorite music they've released since Chase This Light, and even that was a tad corny for me here and there. Most consistent album since "Futures" for me, because I'm such a fan of that sound.
  5. Lots of gold here. Definitely better than their last 3 albums in my eyes.
  6. Yeah personally this is my AOTY so far. I love the harmonies and emotion and song progression on this so much. I've spun the thing like 15 times in its entirety and it hasn't gotten old yet. Love it.
  7. Yeah I even tried that last IWABO record and wasn't a big fan because the moments I loved were too short and few and far between. Definitely an ancestor of this project though. I'm glad that douche more or less pushed them out of the band because Spiritbox, this early in, is already way more entertaining than IWABO has ever been for me.
  8. Oh wow I assumed they were Canadian citizens first? Interesting! Oh well, short answer: It's Canada. It's just...*nicer* here. Especially British Columbia, which ties with Nova Scotia as the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous places to live in Canada. I went back and really *tried* to like IWABO. Still can't do it, all these years later. Spiritbox is such a huge leap in quality from IWABO. Got any insight into their current plans? They've got an LP and two EPs that are self-titled and I don't smell a new LP coming out anytime soon unless they're music-making gods, so I'm guessing we'd better hunker down for a wait?
  9. There weren't a ton of people there for their set and that killed me. They definitely deserved a headliners' audience. Great great night. They actually opened for our local band instead of the other way around, so we got real hammered early for that show. And then I was too tired to actually stick around for Misery Signals because I was falling asleep. Still regret that. Really nice people though. Friend and I immediately bought shirts after the show and I didn't see anyone else doing so. Cool merch. Hope they can start playing more shows soon! They're actually from an island of the coast of British Columbia that's generally reserved for rich retirees and hippies. Probably expensive for them to drive their little van all over. I wouldn't bank on them playing the USA anytime soon but I can only hope you guys get a shot to see them.
  10. TBH, and I could be wrong here, I didn't notice any? Could have been the overall level of distortion in that venue, but I honestly didn't notice or at least, several months later, have completely forgotten. Could have been programmed but I think there wasn't any and she just sung what she could when she could and that was that.
  11. Yeah, I love their first mini-album, but some of the tracks on the EPs since are favorites of mine. Perennial and Trust Fall specifically, but the brand new Bleach Bath is starting to climb that list. Told Art this a while back, but I was lucky enough to see them play their 2nd ever show and they killed it. And that was just their second show. If you can imagine, the vocalist and lead guitars used to be in iwrestledabearonce, who I despise. And look at the quality of this output. Insane. Met them super briefly and they're SUCH nice humble people. So very talented.
  12. HEY ART! Nomos from Sputnik here. Downloading this now, excited for Beach Bath
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