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  1. My mistake then, the way you phrased it made it seem like you didn't like it is all!
  2. Hundredth was* a melodic hardcore band, nothing says bands aren't allowed to change their sound. Of course, whether you like that or not is your choice, but a band has a right to change genre if they want to
  3. It's Title Fight syndrome. I'm holding off on this album, wasn't a fan of it when TF did it, doubt I'll like it this time, but I'm willing to give it a shot, just gotta catch up on the stuff I'm interested in first
  4. Yo I was just listening to this and I noticed that It Doesn't Tear Me Up cuts off about halfway through the song. Tried re-downloading from both sites but it still happens. I don't mind since the stream comes out tomorrow but just thought I'd give a heads up!
  5. I've been looking forward to this! I remember talking to Conor at a Foxing show a couple of months ago, and I remember talking to him about this project too. Great guy, as is the rest of Foxing, but I don't know if I can say I've been looking forward to this more than whatever Foxing will be bringing out this year, those new songs they've been playing live knock it out of the park for me. Still, this will almost certainly land a place on my AOTY list
  6. Honestly Linkin Park were the first ever band I got into hugely. I loved MTM, Meteora, and Hybrid Theory like most people did and initially A Thousand Suns hugely turned me off but I grew to love it and see it as one of my favorite albums by them, Living Things was still pretty good, not amazing but I didn't mind it at all. Wasn't huge into The Hunting Party but I've always had a soft spot for their calmer songs. I'm kind of keen to check this out but from reviews I've seen around the place it's not looking too good - always gotta try and keep an open mind, unlike some people
  7. Yeah I thought so! But it was worth a shot - I get the kinda stuff you're looking for but it's hard to find specific examples
  8. https://rickyeatacid.bandcamp.com/ https://awendaprovincialpark.bandcamp.com/ https://teendaze.bandcamp.com/album/glacier https://blithefield.bandcamp.com/album/face-always-toward-the-sun https://foglake.bandcamp.com/album/theres-a-spirit-theres-a-soul-compilation last one and second one are pals of mine - cool people, not all of it is ambient but all of it is chill
  9. Seems so, works fine for me, try a different browser and if that doesn't do the trick PM me and I'll just send the album to you.
  10. That Moose Blood cover was the worst fucking thing I've heard in AGES. The production and the way the vocals are so pushed to the front makes it sound like the dude can't sing worth shit. Their style just does not blend with the song whatsoever.
  11. BLESS YOU, first the quinoa and now this
  12. Yeah, saw the guys live when I was visiting a friend in Holland ~two years ago I believe in a very small bar, Garret hardly screams, I believe one of the guitarists did it - he had some sick gutturals and I'm relieved that they let Garrett sing rather than strain himself on the screams. I wasn't really pumped about the last album, but Know Hope and MDIYE were both absolutely amazing, I'm excited for this one!
  13. I've been so painfully underwhelmed by all the singles off of this album, their last album was solid but this just feels uninspired and boring, still gonna give it a chance tho I suppose, thanks guys!
  14. This leaked more than a month early - that’s INSANE. I’ll probably wait a little while before I check it but Anxiety was such a banger so I have high hopes for the album
  15. This sound ain’t new, B&C are very late to the party - this has been done by Title Fight, Turnover, Seahaven, Pianos Become The Teeth, Citizen, and even Basement to some degree. There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s a great sound but it’s just so hit-or-miss and so far I’ve only had like three bands actually pull it off well, the rest all sound very dry and uninterested so I’m hoping B&C manage to avoid that