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  1. lmao. Anyway, on first listen I'm gonna say that this is my favorite album by these guys so far. The house-inspired songs (i.e. Yeah I Know, Having No Head, What Should I Say, etc.) are absolutely the strongest on the album and I unironically think that if they made an album of just house music it would be my AOTY. That's not to say that the other songs are bad, Nothing Revealed and Then Because She Goes are definitely the two non-single standouts save for the house tracks to my mind. I guess it's weird because I used to be a sucker for the more minimalist and acoustic songs the band did but on this album they're the least immediate and interesting songs around, between the really nice 90's vibe on songs like Guys and the house tracks I just feel like the acoustic and low-key songs are just done way better by artists like Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens. Still, absolutely think this album is like... an 8/10, maybe a 9/10 after I give it a few more listens; I'm just so shocked that the whole thing doesn't feel bloated or too long, the length just works.
  2. This is a compilation of songs off of their first four albums, I think they're re-recorded too. Their sound hasn't really changed considerably so it's not like you can really go wrong listening to this, if you enjoyed Reflections chances are you'll probably find something you enjoy here as well.
  3. A friend of Erik got given some demos and wanted to back them up but forgot to make them private so they ended up online.
  4. I'm kind of surprised by the fact that I didn't really hate this. It's very okay I suppose. Will agree with all the people saying the electronic songs are the stronger ones on here. Right now my favourites are definitely Nihilist Blues and In The Dark. Found myself surprisingly enjoying the intro track a lot too. I'll readily admit that BMTH seem to be a band who know what they're doing musically speaking but it still feels like they're really playing it safe by including songs like Sugar Honey, Mantra, and Heavy Metal, could've definitely done with trimming a few songs off of here. Also a lot of the song endings are super abrupt which fucking sucks. Seems like every time these guys release an album I tell myself "this is the one that's really going to kill my enjoyment of their music" but there's always a few redeemable songs. Feeling something like a 2.5/5 on this thing but I'll give it a few more listens to see if my opinion changes.
  5. This shit is SO good. HIGHLY implore anyone and everyone to check it out, so many different sounds but still cohesive as hell.
  6. Very okay, you could definitely slap a "pop" genre tag on this and I wouldn't really be shocked, super safe but it's not bad or anything, could see myself listening to it from time to time, biggest issue with this is Oli's terrible Portuguese
  7. I love Phoebe and Julien (Lucy's cool too I guess, not familiar with her output) but this is just... borderline bad. I dig Salt In The Wound for the post-rock vibes it gives and Souvenir isn't bad either. From the singles Me & My Dog was the only good song. Considering how good at least two-thirds of this band are as solo musicians, and considering neither of them have, up until now, made a song I hate, this is... shocking.
  8. idk it's okay i guess? still not really seeing the 'experimental' angle on this whole album so far, this could still pass on the radio imo, with the exception of the occasional scream.
  9. Just got done. Gotta say, I think it helps that I found the 90's songs so underwhelming because it made me very cautious about this album. I adored the Saturation trilogy, then the whole Ameer thing happened and this whole year felt like a year full of fuckups. I'm glad to see they bounced back so well. Some of the best tracks to me are Weight, District, Tape, J'Ouvert, Honey, and San Marcos. Joba's really stepped up his game in terms of verses, it's not as corny as it was on the singles. Way more experimental too. It's gonna rank pretty high in my year-end list I think. For those of you who don't know, this is indeed part of a trilogy. I believe Kevin said the next part is dropping in June. They're contractually obligated to 5 more records in the next 2 and a half years, so there's two more albums in this trilogy, and then most likely one more trilogy.
  10. are they? I thought this was from her upcoming album with Jack Antonoff, or are those gonna be different songs?
  11. definitely not shoegaze. Maybe traces of dream-pop, but shoegaze? Nah fam
  12. I think the sound of the singles is fairly indicative of one part of the album, the other part does sound fairly standard but it's made more bearable by the other tracks. For what it's worth, I've sat through this one, I've enjoyed it, and I'll probably get back to it again. So, my point is now proven. Again, super sorry if I somehow offended you with my sheer stupidity.
  13. Definitely their strongest. Though I'm still not completely keen on their more 'usual' sound, mixing it together with some more spacious songs (Growing on You is amaaaaazing) makes a big difference, enjoyed it a lot for sure! idk about that, Line and Growing on You are also more laid back, it's definitely bordering a perfect 50/50 of typical TSSF and a more unusual sound for them, I do enjoy that tho.
  14. ah fair I guess. I could've worded myself better. My point was regarding the sound I heard based off the singles, and based off of that, I was reasonably excited for this album because it sounded like a deviation from their past work. Hope that makes more sense.
  15. ? For saying that the album sounds more mellow and slow from the singles? I'm... very sorry I guess?
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