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  1. Listened to this on a whim and very glad that I did! Thoroughly impressed!
  2. I'm desperate for this album if anyone has any download links it would be appreciated?
  3. Will forever be my favouite band; never disappoint.
  4. Actually prefer this over Work For It, but they do no wrong in my book. They have become so polished. Great job, lads.
  5. Just listened in full. Absolutely stunning record. The only one I'm not entirely sure on is 'Chemical' but I'll probably love it this time tomorrow.
  6. I agree^, the new songs certainly aren't bad just can't get into them personally. Will listen to the album when it's released though.
  7. I'm so excited, the songs released so far have been absolutely beautiful
  8. Shit myself thought the whole album had leaked lmao thank you!!
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