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  1. As someone who was super keen for this album, and has loved every Amity album to date, even have them tattooed on me, this could easily be in my opinion the most mediocre album I have ever heard, by any band. Just my 2 cents, hopefully everyone else likes it but its a big no from me Edit: Least favourite: aloneliness Most favourite: born to lose
  2. This song is absolutely immense this album is going to be phenomenal, also Jake big time reminds me of Ryan Neff on this track
  3. 1. As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire 2. Windwaker - Empire (EP) 3. Void of Vision - Hyperdaze 4. Bring Me The Horizon - amo 5. Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love 6. Northlane - Alien 7. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 8. Motionless In White - Disguise 9. Alpha Wolf - Fault (EP) 10. FEVER 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS
  4. 1. Polaris - The Mortal Coil 2. Like Moths to Flames - Dark Divine 3. In Hearts Wake - Ark 4. Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes 5. While She Sleeps - You Are We 6. Neck Deep - The Peace & The Panic 7. Veil of Maya - False Idol 8. Stick To Your Guns - True View 9. Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter 10. Miss May I - Shadows Inside
  5. So hard to pick, every track is amazing. Have fun at UNIFY, I'll be stuck in Brisbane but I'll see them with Parkway for the Horizons 10 year tour!
  6. Did Jake still have his voice? He had lost it by Brisbane so all the support bands singers did the clean vocals
  7. Unbelievably good, saw them 2 days ago this one killed live too
  8. Amity just got material for their next album
  9. Truth homie, love that they expanded on LNOTGY one of my fav ever, even if it may not compare to it its amazing in its own ways
  10. Its no LNOTGY but its impressive in a totally different way Thanks KL
  11. THIS BANGS DUDE. Saw them a few days ago and was blown away.
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