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  1. This album is epic and awesome and cool as fuck.
  2. This is incredible. Almost reminds me of older Anaal Nathrakh.
  3. holy shit, i had no idea they were back together. its been 12 years! this is a happy day.
  4. I thought this was a black metal album at first. Pretty decent, nonetheless.
  5. These guys released one of my favorite albums of 2017 so I'm hyped as hell for this.
  6. 1. MØL - Jord 2. The Armed - Only Love 3. Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love 4. Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind of Horror 5. Frontierer - Unloved 6. Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It 7. Between the Buried and Me - Automata I & II 8. Sectioned - Annihilated 9. A Perfect Circle - Eat the Elephant 10. Aborted - Terrorvision Extras: Funeral Mist - Hekatomb / Black Tongue - Nadir / An Autumn for Crippled Children - The Light Of September / Open Womb - Kingdom Come
  7. This is some nasty shit right here.
  8. Damn I thought Thy Art is Murder mighta dropped Hate Pt II. This is solid stuff nonetheless.
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