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  1. I really enjoy this! Lots of bass to enjoy too. I like all their albums. Not even half way filled on my 400 gb micro sd card on phone, LOL! Almost 16,000 songs.
  2. Listened to the first three songs, and it reminds me too much of BMTH Amo album. Not my liking at all. I like it harder than this. I can hear similarities of Hollow and AA song but can tell the differences too. There is slight sounding differences. Vocals are little different too. Still this one is a skip out of my collection, and not a fan of a quitter either.
  3. He is a quitter and will always be branded as one!
  4. Imagine him leaving this band, and another, and another, and another, and a never ending story with Denis!
  5. Green Day is a Booger Day, to flip your boogers, LOL! Just Jokin!
  6. Anyone have a 320 of their first album, please pm me, if you do. I would like a copy. Hard to find album. "Through Sickness and Sin"
  7. I just started listening to Dance Gavin Dance, and all I can say is, it makes me think of watching a video of psychedelic color video and getting high on marijuana at the same time, and being in the 60s. Awesome stuff!
  8. I will just stick with the 2013 version. No extra work for hardly any difference. I like it as it was.
  9. And they are still not as way off as BMTH as you keep saying. No where pop as BMTH. BMTH is a boy band now.
  10. Still not a big enough change as BMTH. So what? The way BMTH is going their next album will be Country. Plus, the change of sound is nothing original anymore, it is just bands trying to follow the trend. Getting really old.
  11. At least KSE keeps their roots which is less snoozefest than the bands that do total change of their sound. I can't stand big change of sound. I could listen to same KSE over different BMTH anyday.
  12. I rather not listen to singles and just wait for the album release because the singles are most likely on the album anyways. I am not a taster but a full blown eater. If it isn't all at once, then I don't bother. I just read the posts. I tried single listening in past, and it just irritates me when getting to listening to the full album. Same as watching trailers for movies. Sometimes teasers are the worst taunters.
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