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  1. Mni Mini's. No where the length of The Discovery, even with two put together. Still other bands done two parters, and still with both put together is smaller than any other band doing this. They should've just kept all of them singles, then made a big LP.
  2. There EP's are longer than this LP, LOL! So why isn't this an EP? There shortest album altogether.
  3. Changing of sound of a band is just more trendy than being acknowledge as growing or doing something better. Bands see other bands doing something, then they have to do it, it is more of being like someone else. Just like teenagers see other teenagers smoking, so they have to smoke too. LAME! BMTH and LP done it, so now I have to be part of the trend, stupid.
  4. Not switching to country that I hate, just for Danny!
  5. Another BMTH band followers. At this rate, we will hit no more Metalcore bands. One only good thing about it, that it will start giving me more hard drive space.
  6. I rather hear the same band with same sound than 3 to 5 sounds of other bands in one band. If I want to hear other bands, then I will listen to those other bands if I want, not be forced to listen to other things I do not want to listen to. Good to still see bands sticking mostly to what they started with or close to it. The ones changing to something they weren't in the first place can FO!
  7. He means "Dave Hause: Dick?"
  8. This is, and I Prevail new album is a hanger and close the closet door.
  9. I like it so far. Can't wait for 320 now.
  10. I have adblock plus but does not get rid of all ads. Sites use a program that bypasses the adblocks, and pay for that stuff too. Last FM is one. Annoying that CBS does not care either. They already are rich and do it.
  11. Sounding more like a BMTH AMO album about half or more.
  12. Not nearly as bad. At least BFMV album is tolerable but BMTH next album will be CLASSICAL, LOL! They go softer each new album. AMO is a hell no album.
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