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  1. Literally only way it is getting leaked is someone ripping the tracks from the CD. None of my sources have the CD, and my copy isn't even SHIPPED yet. So I won't be seeing it for a little while.
  2. Thanks for this! Can't wait for my physical album to arrive. Loving the atmosphere on this album.
  3. Here's an image for the single. I'm liking the change-up with this single. This album is shaping up to be another great addition to Soilwork's discography.
  4. Thanks for the upload! I can't wait until my vinyl copy comes in the mail. Already gave this a good listen through, and I am pretty blown away so far.
  5. I know what I will be playing on repeat all summer. And loving the length of all the tracks!
  6. Love Björn's voice in this. This is a great ballad track for the album. All the other band members sound great as well. Good mix of instruments. Making me more pumped for the release at the end of the month! The video is like a modern take on a-ha's Take On Me. I dig it. Thanks for posting! Edit: Tried to get the track image from the track itself, but it is very crap quality. I tried haha.
  7. Sounds as if they haven't missed a step at all. VERY interested in hearing how they got back together/the process in how that occurred. Like a making of video for this music.
  8. Well this came out of nowhere... thanks! Looking forward to this listen-through.
  9. Thanks for posting this! June 29th can not come fast enough! Bjorn keeps on killing it on vocals, and loving the female backing vocals added.
  10. This should be an interesting listen. I am digging the somber mood on this album so far. If you live near a music store or want to support your local box store then this album should be at most major ones. Try local first. If not, you can go buy on Amazon. You get the CD and mp3 download from them.
  11. Motorola G5 Plus 64 GB. I bought it a month ago on sale for $210. Killer deal, and its my first smart phone. Gets a thumbs up from me. The only modification I have done to the phone was get the Nova Launcher app. That is what changed my setup for the home screen, background and layout. After a few front-to-back listens, this album just keeps growing on me. It has the right mix and clash of heavy/light.
  12. Yeah who needs sleep right now. This will be my sleep for the night. So far a rock solid album. Going to be another front-to-back constant listen for me. Also the album cover makes for the perfect phone home screen.
  13. Yesss! Thank you for this! I've been waiting for this album ever since the first single. This is one of the best side projects I have witnessed from a metal band. The first two albums I really enjoyed as well.
  14. Thanks for the add! Looking forward to the listen-through.
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