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  1. This one was sorta iffy for me at first but I like it a lot better than animals now. The vocals are a more energetic, the instrumentals are a bit better imo, and the lyrics are better. "We're just a bunch of fucking animals" doesn't really sound like architects, but "black lungs for the young if they dare to breathe" does
  2. The lyrics are the main problem. He thinks he's super deep and wise when he's saying shit you'd hear in a highschool hallway
  3. Based on this guy in general and the track title, I don't even need to listen to this to know it's bad. But I did you all a favor and listened to it and it turns out that it is actually pretty bad. This guy is so pretentious that Lars von Trier must be jealous
  4. For the people waiting to hear it, I literally said it's a bad thing for the band lol
  5. Wonder what new songs they'll play. They said 2 that wouldn't be released until the album, but they also just released one so idk if that was one Why am I quoted in this lol
  6. If it leaks, big L for them but big W for us
  7. Oh I didn't think it was an actual news outlet. Thought it was one of those hasitleaked type sites, my bad
  8. It says it leaked but doesn't say where? Seems kinda pointless lol
  9. More than likely gonna link you to a virus lol. Also I don't think youre supposed to post the names of other sites here
  10. Architects' new sound is really growing on me. I do find it kinda funny that people were complaining about them sounding the same for 3 albums then they change their sound a bit and people are like "no not like that"
  11. Straight up a creatures era MIW song. If the vocals were more similar to Chris's I would geniunely believe it was
  12. This dude went from AA-SUAS/R&R Lite with Down & Dirty to AA-Self Titled Lite on the last album to AA-The Black Lite here
  13. To me, based on the fact that it's a minor key rendition, it's them expressing their concern for the state of and future of the country
  14. Bold of you to assume my wiener is big enough to measure with conventional means
  15. Really good overall, only track I don't like that much is kingslayer and I hate itch a lot but it's not really a track. Highlights for me are dear diary and obey
  16. They better release more cut creatures tracks bc this slaps hard
  17. But why with BMTH only? I don't think I've seen anyone have this complaint with any other band. Also the song structure itself doesn't really determine if a song it boring or not imo, it's what they do with it
  18. So I'm not trying to come at you even though it might sound like it lol but why is everyone upset with BMTH for using the verse chorus verse chorus bridge/breakdown chrous formula that like 99% of songs have?
  19. Alright this is already growing on me. Just hoping for melodic screaming and especially better lyrics on the album. These lyrics are pretty cliche and seem meaningless
  20. Huge step down from Holy Hell imo. Really disappointed with his vocals in the chorus, was expecting his trademark melodic screaming. Hoping this is just leading with the most radio friendly song.
  21. Only came to hear Spencer, disappointed that they barely utilized him. He didn't sound very unique on this track either, had to listen hard to tell it was him when he came in
  22. After a first listen, it's probably my favorite song of the singles and EP. Typical LMTF song with a great chorus, but a few unique choices here and there throughout the song make it better than the others
  23. Please god don't let this comment section become another "I can't believe album I don't like is getting more votes than album I did like when album I did like is objectively better"
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