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  1. I actually saw people call black bear "radio rock". Some people just cant accept any change. Imo this new style sounds like it will be their peak sound
  2. Very high pitched voice. Really good if you're okay with high pitched voices, probably terrible if you're not
  3. This art is almost identical to dropout kings' going rogue single art
  4. As far as I know from the stream awhile back, there are no features
  5. Was very surprised that this actually sounded fairly different from normal pop
  6. So sad that denis left the band, hope they find a new singer soon
  7. Yeah the old stuff is really good. Was hoping for more slipknot worship here tbh. And yea for me sing me to sleep and black rifle, I like the sarcastic tone in that one lol
  8. I totally get it. Usually I can handle their (for lack of a better word) cringier songs, but I didn't even bother to finish .45 or god is watching. I'm hopong this album is just a case of "the label said we had to put something out"
  9. I feel like they just went "this whole 'triplet triplet duh' vocal pattern works well for rappers, lets try it"
  10. Not feeling the heavy hip hop influence on some songs
  11. He looks like a Desperate Housewife in the thumbnail prove me wrong
  12. This dudes never put out a bad song (cum captain didnt happen)
  13. 1. The Plot In You - Dispose 2. Silent Planet - When the End Began 3. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 4. Eminem - Kamikaze
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