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  1. After listening to this, I have the same level of excitement as a Samoan for a 2009 revival.
  2. On par with NIB for me. Feels like it could've been on the album
  3. I don't know how to feel about this. I like the vocals and instumentals, but the lyrics read like a tweet.
  4. As if I wasn't hyped enough to listen to this
  5. I'm 100% sure the top left part of the album arts design is straight up ripping off someone else's but I can't place who it is
  6. Better than TROAE but still not quite as good as it could be
  7. After listening to the full album, I definitely agree with Corey that All Out Life would not fit on here at all. Also, My Pain is nowhere near as bad as people are saying. ST>WANYK & Iowa>TGC>3>>>>>>AHIG
  8. Album is good overall but "Nate" is definitely the standout as the best for me
  9. I mean it's not thattt bad lmao
  10. Art is subjective, the most popular artist always wins aotm, etc etc
  11. Just came to say: oh my fucking god who cares about the specifics of genres
  12. Album is gonna probably be pretty different track-to-track. There's this song, then a few previews from a while back, one kinda sounded like funk, one kinda blues-y, and one kinda pop-rap ish
  13. Definitely is. Heard a preview of "she thinks of me" a while back, pretty aggressive. "She thinks of me when she's fucking you" followed by a scream
  14. When you have to release a 32 track album in hopes that one track will get popular
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