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  1. He looks like a Desperate Housewife in the thumbnail prove me wrong
  2. This dudes never put out a bad song (cum captain didnt happen)
  3. 1. The Plot In You - Dispose 2. Silent Planet - When the End Began 3. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 4. Eminem - Kamikaze
  4. When the only song on your album that isn't one or two minutes is called "one minute"
  5. I was watching when they first went in and they had a pretty killer riff they stuck with within like a half hour lol
  6. Agree with the post malone sound here, probably my favorite joji song behind slow dancing right now
  7. Everything is great except savages. Honestly it doesnt even sound like spencers vocals to me. Amazing album overall though
  8. Choke features Danny Leal of Upon a Burning Body if anyone wants to check it out for that 👍
  9. "Hip hop is a joke" Favorite artist : lil peep Also I feel like rap beefs are kind of like wrestling in a way. I'm pretty sure neither of them are actually offended by the other or trying to prove anything, think they just want to entertain people lol
  10. The one thing I find funniest about this song is on Kamikaze em says: "you mention me, millions of views, attention and news". So when mgk uploads the song he originally had (eminem diss) in the title but removed it once he got "millions of views, attention and news" Edit: and on worldstar it still says (eminem diss)
  11. Never listened to these guys much before, but Anthem of the Defeated, Shattered Glass, The Price of Agony, and Backbreaker are all definitely staying in rotation for a long time. Good shit/10
  12. So tim is pretty much indisputably a shitty person, but the musics aight. It doesnt make you a bad person to listen to music made by a bad person 👍 Also i skimmed through the comments and didnt see anyone make the worlds easiest joke here: Why is the song called my own grave and not my wife's grave?
  13. Sounds pretty good. Vocals remind me of John Darnielle
  14. Passtheleaks seems faster and i always get popups with zippyshare on mobile
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