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  1. I don't get the point of delaying albums because of the virus. It's not going away anytime soon, might as well just release it unless they plan on waiting a year
  2. Not as bad as their last album but not great either
  3. I wouldn't mind them doing pop rock if it wasn't so soulless and average. At least it seems like they tried a bit on the self titled
  4. It can be argued that every genre is oversaturated. If making music required adding something new to a genre there would be like 3 albums released a year
  5. I've been looking for new music to teach middle school PE and beat my wife to
  6. When your girlfriend dies so you vow to kill god and then yourself
  7. I still think Skyfall is way too similar to Misunfortunate by Get Scared
  8. R&R is mainly party songs, but it doesn't pretend to be super evolved and mature
  9. I respect your view, but I gotta say I see it as the exact opposite. I think they has substance back in R&R and FDTD, especially FDTD. He was writing about cocaine and alcoholism because he was an addict and alcoholic lol. A lot of the songs on the self titled lacked substance. Where did it go is just "we're the best", empire sounds lyrically like every song ever, when the lights come on is just a "shows are cool" song, rise up is just generic "I will overcome" song, etc, with a few pretty decent songs mixed in there. And now the last two songs seem to be just vaguely political alt rock
  10. Came back to this just to say everyone should check it out at least for Socialized Animals. Track is an absolute banger
  11. Experiment on me is way better than I thought it would be. Great track
  12. Oh shit didn't expect this to leak so soon. Their last album was great so have high hopes for this one
  13. How does he keep putting out better shit over and over
  14. Only two that come to mind immediately for best of the decade: 1. The Plot in You - Happiness in Self Destruction 2. Brand New - Science Fiction
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