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  1. Dark divine was pretty good but I definitely prefer this style. Great song
  2. I've now heard that same guitar "wawawawawa" in this song, grotesque, and tourniquet. Anyway, i can get with this, i don't care that they're blatantly trying to be dealer since dealer is already dead
  3. Congrats @967-EVIL, appreciate everything you guys do on the site!
  4. Jokes on you, I already got a water bong on here that helps with all hair types
  5. Somehow Corona isn't the worst thing to happen in 2020
  6. Honestly I kind of like them personally, my dad always listened to them growing up so there's definitely some bias here. I think it's just that they're pretty generic and the singer comes off as a douche a lot
  7. Overall the songs that were already released are the best on here imo. A lot of the album tracks seem rushed even though he had a couple delays
  8. The track titles and the album art for that YouTube single just gave me a stroke
  9. The album art gave me cancer, then the song itself made it terminal
  10. I want to like it, but it seems super boring even to me
  11. A lot better than their previous singles. Less heavy but less cringy lyrics
  12. B side from dispose maybe? Landon said he had like 8 songs done for the new album but didn't say if this was one of them
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