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  1. This band definitely took its cue from BMTH's Sempiternal
  2. Don't several Middle Eastern bands call their music "oriental metal" (see: Orphaned Land, Melechesh when they don't use the term Mesopotamian Metal) and Chthonic call their music "Orient Metal".
  3. I actually have the CD now, and in the notes it says "additional music on track 2, additional music and lyrics on tracks 7 and 9 by T. Salvador" in the most footnote-y way possible. So it sounds like those are tracks where he wrote some of the original music which was replaced, but they obviously couldn't erase the lyrics Wayne sung. Anyway 4 of the songs (Terminator Oscillator, Accelerate, My Destruction and Otsego Placebo) are just Xer0 on vocals and they're pretty solid. It puts them in a good position if they want to carry on after Vol 2 comes out, but I'd hope they change the name if they do. I always wanted them to go back to calling themselves Wisconsin Death Trip, their original name.
  4. I know it's a touchy topic but will you ask about the extent of Tripp's input (e.g. did any riffs remain or is he only credited because Wayne's vocal melodies may have been influenced by Tripp's riffs which were subsequently replaced so he won't see any money from the album)? As far as I'm aware, all that remains from the original recordings are Wayne's vocals and the band re-wrote all the music without hearing what was originally recorded. And I think that's for the best.
  5. Yeah that's why I think it would work nicely. An homage to the origins of the band while still being its own entity.
  6. The artwork isn't the most professional job and that'd put me off most times but it's actually a decent album.
  7. I still think they should change their name if they press on with Edsel/Xer0. Could call themselves Wisconsin Death Trip after the first album.
  8. Is this a song about someone's anime waifu
  9. FFO Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre, etc
  10. I get more of a My Ticket Home vibe. It's the former lead singer from The Defiled (British industrial metalcore) now known as Lee Villain, along with Luke Johnson (who played in a bunch of bands like Amen and No Devotion)
  11. As said above, they reverse engineered the vocals so they can keep Chester on the record, but re-wrote the music around it (kind of like what Static-X are doing with old Wayne Static vocal tracks). Apparently only 2 of the songs on here sound anything like their original versions.
  12. That's probably because they had to reverse engineer Chester's vocals from the original recordings and remaster them, on account of him being dead.. So it's very early Chester Bennington, before he really took off as a vocalist.
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