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  1. Hip hop seems to have a fascination with extreme metal aesthetic lately. This album artwork looks like it belongs to a Southern Lord metal group.
  2. So why is this the only major release that can be out legally for over a day and not be updated with full 320kbps? Was the deluxe edition not released yesterday?
  3. If I don't like it can I waterboard them? If I like it, can I?
  4. so is this worth investigating?
  5. It's decent but Korn managed to make it sound heavier without the unnecessary screaming or drum fills. That drummer REALLY likes his fills.
  6. Thought I'd check out Alpha Wolf's new EP cos I'm a sucker for nu metalcore. First line I hear "YOU'RE JUST A PUSSY-" stopped and skipped. Sorry but those lyrics are just too intellectual for me.
  7. I would say it has killer vocals but he never got that far so I'll just call them attempted killer.
  8. Huh I thought this was coming December 14 but sidebar now says it's February.
  9. He's not Prime Minister, he's just a member of the Legislative Yuan. He's in the New Power Party, which only formed in like 2015 but still became the third biggest party in the 2016 elections. Guess this is as good a time as any to post the review I did last month:
  10. More like it's a passion project they do in their spare time now Gunship is taking off and Charlie's got a day job in Busted.
  11. YG looks different from his K-Pop days.
  12. Yeah he'd been working on it since 2007. Only finished mixing it in January apparently. So there are moments which feel a little bit dated but most of it has held up really well.
  13. I've been bigging these guys up for a while, even got an interview with them last year when they were just starting to write the album:
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