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  1. Let me point out this statement is wrong for a few reasons. He signed a contract for 10 Mil to let this be released through this label. And also It happened with both Peep and X so it's not really a race thing. Nice effort though. Good hustle
  2. In his entire life X never made a solo song longer than the time it takes me to jerk off.
  3. This is aight. It's no Lil Pump though and I gotta say that makes me sad
  4. Side note: This wouldn't be a big deal if he was alive. Talking him up like a used car salesman won't make you cool or get you clout. Pls stop I shall listen and judge as I would if he hadn't of partied a lil too hard
  5. Can't believe he didn't hype this up more prior to release.
  6. Yeah yo, I just failed No Nut November bc of this. GOD DAMN IT PERFECTLY GOOD PANTS RUINED
  7. Voices in the air Hear them loud and clear Telling me to stop rapping
  8. It was tagged wrong. But ily so all is good
  9. Eminem's legal middle name is Fucking Savage I swear.
  10. Drake is on EVERYTHING. Drake underwear incoming
  11. Denzel is spectacular. Planning to buy this hopefully Friday
  12. Denzel is underrated af So very talented Song has such a cool meaning, very subliminal
  13. I'm fucking SHOOK. Everything Donald Glover does it fucking amazing. With Because The Internet being one of the best albums I have ever heard, I am excited for everything he does next. Gambino should be an inspiration for every hip hop artist because he is possibly the best one.
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