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  1. Come Undone is by Duran Duran. My Darkest Days covered it, too.
  2. Looking at their most recent setlists online and having seen them twice over the years, this is just false. It’s OK if you don’t like their music, but you don’t have to make stuff up.
  3. Kingdom of Cards Running in Circles Careful What You Wish For The Hell I overcame Dethrone Blood Mercy Said & Done Burning Out If I'm There
  4. How long have those other singles been out compared to Burning Out? Almost 11 months for Careful What You Wish For and 7 months for The Hell I Overcame....not really a fair comparison...
  5. This video that came out today seems fitting to post here:
  6. I definitely hear that mixed with Deathbeds!
  7. I like the song, but this still made me laugh I’m totally OK with a mix of TAA and BMTH on the new album.
  8. They licensed it:
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