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  1. Freak Flag is the other one. This acoustic version is 100 times better than the album version. Still not a great song though.
  2. This is absolutely terrible Contrast this with their first album and it's almost shocking.
  3. Fantastic album, as expected. Super underrated band. Will be buying a shirt to support.
  4. Strange choice of style for an acoustic song. The actual song isn't even good so I don't know what the point of this is really, but it's bad.
  5. Haven't really listened to Slipknot since I heard their ST album in my room doing math homework when I was 16. I looked over at the stereo and was like, HOLY SHIT what is this, I had never heard anything like it. What happened? lol.
  6. Album is awesome. A+ in my mind. My Album of the Year so far.
  7. I loved their first album, listened to it probably 500 times since it came out. I am SOOOO excited this is out. Thank you uploader!!!
  8. Thank you for posting this. Was listening on Spotify, would rather download. Amazing comeback album. I hope these guys stick around. Loved their old albums.
  9. Silverstein is one of my top 3 favorite bands. I've been a fan for like 15 or 16 years. This song is a little disappointing to me, especially since the band has endured for so long. I don't think the song is bad by any means, but it lacks a lot of the creativity that their previous albums had. I guess all bands have this sort of song though. Doomsday is a great song by Architects, but it's very formulaic and repetitive. This song seems similar in a lot of ways. Caleb's part was really good though, a good change of pace. I'm glad they let him actually have a guest vocal part instead of like background chorus vocals or something. I give the song a B, and I'm very hopeful the rest of the album will be as good as their others. As others have said, they haven't released a bad album, and almost not a bad song.
  10. One of the most underrated pop punk bands I can think of, so happy they are back!!
  11. I liked the beginning a lot but it just got super bizarre after that and not in a good way. The chorus sounds almost out of tune. I think I am off the wagon with this band. Haven't been good in years.
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