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  1. First of all, what is the freaking obsession with DGD. Seriously. Whatever. Second of all, would it kill you guys to put this in order from 1-XXX Next, this is a dumb list.
  2. I like this one. I hope the last single was an anomaly and the only sucky song on the album
  3. I have to agree about the new songs. Struggle is one of my all time favorite albums. No idea why those guys weren't bigger during the run of their first three albums, but this one is def sounding like the weakest one. I'll give it a chance, but not hopeful.
  4. 1. Senses Fail - If there is a light, it will find you 2. Our Hollow, Our Home - In Moment//In Memory 3. Architects - Holy Hell 4. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 5. Mayday Parade - Sunnyland 6. Blessthefall - Hard Feelings 7. Wind Walkers - The Lost Boys 8. Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed 9. Hellions - Rue 10. Beartooth - Disease
  5. Not good. This and Beartooth - Aggressive can have a baby and be the metalcoriest metalcore ever. Basically nothing about the album is interesting at all.
  6. Better than i thought it would be, but unremarkable nonetheless. The breakdown in Enemy sounds so strange and out of place. I get that it's a nod to Slayer, but still. I like Fire a lot. Overall 6/10
  7. I didn't go into this expecting to like it, but I really do. Yes it's repetitive, cliche at times and maybe a little too easy to listen to, but there are more redeeming moments for me than detracting. Drag the Lake is a great song and I find myself listening to that over and over. 7/10
  8. Great song. So happy it sounds a little more like 2006 and less like 2016.
  9. As a huge fan of their first EP and Disgusting, and also someone who thought Aggressive was a total mess....yea this is also a mess. I liked half of Infection. Believe coulldddd be like top 10 worst songs in the post-hardcore, whatever-they-are genre that I've ever heard. I was holding out hope that they could come back after Aggressive, but Caleb is just taking them down the predictable, formulaic, cliche-machine path, and as someone who listens to a TON of music, I can find better. Like say, Wind Walkers.
  10. Great album, sounds a lot like Parkway Drive in almost every way.
  11. Great album. First one on my top 10 list for 2018.
  12. None of the new singles are even listenable. I think I'm officially out on FoB. It's just so bad, and I don't even mind pop rock stuff from time to time. So bad.
  13. 1 August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem 2 Stick to Your Guns - True View 3 While She Sleeps - You Are We 4 Silverstein - Dead Reflection 5 Motionless in White - Graveyard Shift 6 Falling in Reverse - Coming Home 7 Speaking with Ghosts - Illuminated 8 Last Revelations - Self-Titled 9 We Set Signals - Abandon Ships Abandon Hope 10 Anti- Flag - American Fall Borderline: Dreamcar, Brand New, Neck deep
  14. Even knowing the background of the album and why they recorded it in this manner, there is still a reason why live recordings aren't the norm. This isn't the Misfits recorded in 1981 or something. It sounds weak when listening, regardless of WHY it was recorded that way. Also, not every band can pull a Thrice or a Sum 41 and just make a total departure from their early stuff and keep most of their fans, if not gain more. I do like a few songs like Upper Falls. As a Used fan since 2002, I can't get into this.
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