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  1. Not really feeling this. I really hope every band I like doesn't do this formulaic short and sweet hooks, catchy but easy, forgettable format for every song. Agree with some of the other comments. This is basically the same as any Beartooth song, any FiR song. Vanilla verses, boring instrumentals, a probably decent or above average breakdown, repeat chorus 14 times and out. It's getting tiresome. Need a band to disrupt this pattern. Not every song needs to be a pop song.
  2. When this band sort of disappeared instead of making a full length album it made me really sad. Some of the parts on this song are strange as some mentioned but I love it anyway and I'm absolutely ecstatic they are back!
  3. I definitely do not like this at all. The pacing of the songs is realllllllyy slow and the instruments, when you can actually hear an instrument, were mind-numnbingly simple. Not sure if I was just expecting something different, but even the metalcore-y parts were shockingly generic and bland. The vocals were outstanding, but again sort of fall into two categories, that high scream/sing and the lower talk-sing boy band style and it repeats like that in almost every song, so much so that it was hard to distinguish one song from the next. Back to the pacing a little - every song started out dragging and I just wanted it to get somewhere. Are they like an ambient band? I dunno, I guess it's just not for me. Glad you are all liking it.
  4. Thank God for TMP!!!! Moving up the list of my favorite bands.
  5. Freak Flag is the other one. This acoustic version is 100 times better than the album version. Still not a great song though.
  6. This is absolutely terrible Contrast this with their first album and it's almost shocking.
  7. Fantastic album, as expected. Super underrated band. Will be buying a shirt to support.
  8. Strange choice of style for an acoustic song. The actual song isn't even good so I don't know what the point of this is really, but it's bad.
  9. Haven't really listened to Slipknot since I heard their ST album in my room doing math homework when I was 16. I looked over at the stereo and was like, HOLY SHIT what is this, I had never heard anything like it. What happened? lol.
  10. Album is awesome. A+ in my mind. My Album of the Year so far.
  11. I loved their first album, listened to it probably 500 times since it came out. I am SOOOO excited this is out. Thank you uploader!!!
  12. Thank you for posting this. Was listening on Spotify, would rather download. Amazing comeback album. I hope these guys stick around. Loved their old albums.
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