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  1. Love these guys so much, one of the best local bands for me
  2. It's 4:41am and I hopped on at the right time.
  3. These guys are pretty good, was waiting for this, plus a track named after my city, heeell yeah
  4. <p>Logged onto internet. thought "If 13 Voices isn't up I will kill myself." And I wasn't disappointed, the second time KL saved my life, but that's another story. b.b</p>
  5. When the self-titled came out, my thoughts were "Make WCAR great again" And this song has done that.
  6. <p>Oh shit, hell yeh, didn't expect the DVD, thought it'd just be an album, thanks!</p>
  7. <p> </p><p> </p> <p>What? No, they don't, at all, in the slightest.</p>
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