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  1. woof, thought this was going to be way too noodley and frantic without Konopka there to gentle it down some. glad to be wrong. definitely a grower. thanks, man.
  2. wasn't all that impressed by slowthai's album but this is dirrrrrty.
  3. I revoke my thirst for more; I'm listening to Shoulderblades on loop and losing my goddamn head trying to figure it out. Thank you.
  4. what in jumping shit is this and why isn't there more.
  5. watched the video to this once this morning at 7am just before leaving for school+work, just got home and it's 9:45pm, this song has been doing laps in my head all goddamn day. Hnnnnnnnnng going to listen to it so many times in a row
  6. yikes, someone's trying real hard to not look like they're stung about missing out on that Grimes collab. Sucks to suck.
  7. damn, can't believe this band slipped between my fingers; girl has some wild pipes on her. thanks for introducing me to them. listening to Land Animal for the first time as I type this.
  8. vinyl: yes, niche market, home listening/listening experience cds: sure, on its way out but yeah I guess, I still own cds cassettes: fuck no. never ever, goddamit, no. have you ever listened to a cassette tape? tried to find the start of a song, or your favourite part of a song? Skip past songs that suck listening to the whirling of tape in your ears? Had to rewind the fucker to be able to listen to it again? Master tapes are a horse of a different colour obviously, but you obviously haven't even held a cassette player unless you have complete contempt for them.
  9. solid release. pretty fleshed-out sound for a seemingly young trio. good spacing in the production, too.
  10. started as a German 1960s psychedelic/experimental genre, and there's this concept of 'motorik' that was formed by the genre as well- which meant a driving/plodding tempo- that eventually kinda transformed into trance/ambient music when they started getting more into synths and drum machines. Check out Can for the penultimate krautrock band. yup.
  11. is joke; I hate both bands and both frontmen look like hideous crackwhores, and screech like banshees.
  12. could never stand Halen, but, oddly, when you take away the shitty Axel Rose vocals and hair-metal guitar tone and replace it with piano/keys and velvety smooth female vocals it sucks ~100% less. Thanks for this.
  13. hideous album art aside; this is good as fuck.
  14. ok, I get the joke now. thanks for the album. good find.
  15. this bitch is furious, I love it. 'may failure be your noose' is wiiiiild.
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