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  1. dang, knew I recognized that voice. The dude behind this project was 1/2 of ERAAS. Their self-titled album is still pretty flawless to my ears, even now. If you like this project you might like it as well- it's more atmospheric/post-punky. Glad to know he's still out there making shit, don't know how this passed me by the last couple years. Thanks for the find and reminding me of this album, haven't listened to it in a few years.
  2. oh my god; Boot Soup, what an onslaught.
  3. This is really great, very well-established sound from a band who seems to be almost unknown. Going to try and dig to find more on these fellas. Don't let the electronic tag scare you off; the electronic touches are pretty subdued and are more strange synth + loops, (ie not house/tech/edm etc.). if you like some of the weirder experimental jazz / jazz adjacent, with some prog-y elements (even some areas where it dips into ambient) stuff that's been popping up a little bit on KL, give this a go. (try the last 2 tracks back-to-back as a quick sample) The drumming/percussion is unreal and tethers most of the compositions, give it a listen for that alone if you're into drummer-led stuff. & thanks for the fantastic find.
  4. damn, rabbit-holed from her, to her & her boyfriend's collab. album, and now just exploring (Sijin Hawke) the boyfriend's stuff, who apparently co-produced 'Wolves' from Kanye's Life of Pablo. Great find, thanks for this, especially as it led to a bit of a gold vein after some digging. A couple links there for those into weird IDM shit in the vein TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Sam Gellaitry, etc...
  5. this is super-deadly. loving everything Dwyer's involved in these days, and cool to see Kyp Malone back into a project. thanks so much.
  6. really nice; more polished, aggressive and tighter production, thanks for this.
  7. this is strange as all hell, and I love it. thanks.
  8. if that preview song didn't do much for you: the rest is sooo much better and stranger and it really grows on you (links to a couple songs I love below). This is really great share though & big thanks.
  9. this is some weird and wild shit; some of the tracks where the drums were a bit more subdued (or at least not the only instrument) were pretty enjoyable once they sunk in. interesting at the very least, thanks.
  10. eponymous album track is deadly. thanks.
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