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  1. if that preview song didn't do much for you: the rest is sooo much better and stranger and it really grows on you (links to a couple songs I love below). This is really great share though & big thanks.
  2. this is some weird and wild shit; some of the tracks where the drums were a bit more subdued (or at least not the only instrument) were pretty enjoyable once they sunk in. interesting at the very least, thanks.
  3. eponymous album track is deadly. thanks.
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  5. what the fuck? How did the actor who was the best part of Get Out have time to write/compose this and do almost every instrument as well? Jesus, almost want to hate how multi-talented he is. This is a deadly album though, couldn't believe how solid and unique it was from someone I'd never heard of- for music at least. Looks like it's slipped by people so far; give it a go, and berate me personally and scathingly if you don't at least like a handful of songs, especially towards the last third of the album. Great share, great find, thanks.
  6. fuck yeh, was so worried this wouldn't stand up to Green Twins, but it's deadly so far, still absorbing it. Thanks so much for this one.
  7. didn't know he was working on / part of a new project; simply over the moon at the prospect of new Aesop.
  8. man, that's gotta be Kaytranada at least helping out on production on 'To Be Beautiful', or else Glover's doing a pretty damn good job imitating that sound. Either way, dig this release, thanks for it.
  9. daaamn, never thought there'd ever be any follow-up to their s/t album (from eight years ago), which is really understated and amazing, never got the attention it deserved. and shit, this came out of nowhere. thank you.
  10. where the fuck did this come from? disgustingly good find.
  11. slightly misleading tags, but not disappointed, check out what this Darth Maul/Dave Chappelle mf has going on; weird experimental electronic.
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