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  1. damn, was not expecting a Silver Mt Zion sample on a release like this.
  2. everything Segall does is magic; thank you so much for this. had no idea a new album was in the pipe.
  3. damn, this is really fantastic. I didn't realize post-hardcore could (does?) sound like this. I'm out of my depth; if anyone knows where I should start looking to find more like this I'd appreciate it. + thanks for this album
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! attention this is cool
  5. this is really fucking good, thank you.
  6. this is really slick, thank you. glad these two weirdos found eachother.
  7. this is fucking great. never heard of the produces before but there are a heavy handful of really good beats here. tracks: overdose, crocodiles, pocus, s/t track just after one playthrough. thanks.
  8. Hanoi 6 is deadly, been listening to it at least once a day since they spilled it. been fiending to hear the rest of the album, thanks.
  9. damn, this is nutty. took a chance on this from knowing him with his collaborative album with Mica Levi (Micachu and the Shapes), anyone on the fence check it out, fairly Oneohtrix Point Never-like, I'd go so far as to say they're influenced by eachother. +thanks for this
  10. must've slipped between the cracks for me, just took a look at it, this is slick. thanks.
  11. bvn

    H E X - H E X (2018)

    this is actually really deadly; gave it a shot based solely on cover art + genre tags. not that there's much of anything else to go on; can't find much of a bio or other information, do you happen to have any? all I've been able to glean is that they're from Geneva. just seems strange that such a deliberate, polished sound is the first release from them/any of their members in the scene. hits that perfect plodding bpm that I dig. + thank you very much for introducing me to them.
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