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  1. Less immediately interesting than singles from the last few albums IMO. Mothership blew me away, but ArSe took me a little bit to get into. Maybe DGD just isn't quite my thing anymore but I bet obsessing with this new album when it comes out will bring me around.
  2. Not gonna lie, I'm actually really enjoying this. Haven't given the whole thing a proper listen but 'At Least For Now' is the kind of song I'll have on repeat and never really get tired of.
  3. The Way We Rust was Joseph Garcia (and I thought it was pretty good tbh, I loved Garcia in Syncope Theshold). Maybe you're thinking A Liar Wrote This?
  4. Not gonna lie, have a soft spot for these guys. Maybe the Buffalo, NY connection. Miss the original clean vocalist though, the last bit of music they put out with him was probably the bands peak (whatever that means to you lol). Seems like there's a new clean vocalist every single/album now with varying degrees of success. The Way We Rust was surprisingly enjoyable and wish they would've stuck with that sound... but this is alright. Pretty safe and kinda uninteresting though.
  5. Great song! I loved Another Eternity, definitely looking forward to more music if they have a new album on the way.
  6. Only ever listened to Controller and while I probably won't dig much deeper than that... it's a damn good album.
  7. I loved Schmaltz and I'm enjoying this so far... but I think I need to be in the right (or wrong?) mindset for the lyrics to jive with me. Still solid and catchy af music though. Love this guys voice.
  8. That's awesome, loved reading through his responses. Gets into Galleons and Valiant Hearts, influences, artists he'd like to work with, answers lots of questions, very open about the process and stuff he's thinking about going forward. Makes me love his bands even more. I like that he agrees Anon was a step back for Hands Like Houses.
  9. Mr. Strawberry, Electric Emotions, Awkward Androids, He Who Swallowed A Fallen Star (remaster)... those are probably my stand outs from Dream Machines. Definitely feel the DGD vibes (hell, right down to the Strawberries )... maybe a little bit of DBM1 and Happiness. There are some great tunes on Metropolis. Hard to pick out a few so far, I think it's just gonna have to grow on me. I like the creativity, lyrics are eyebrow raising at times. Lemonade in particular.
  10. Interested to hear this, thanks for sharing! Didn't Ben fire a bunch of band members for putting out that 'best of' album without his consent a while back? Then he turns around and signs off on something like this, (by all accounts) unmemorable with pretty questionable creative decisions and song choices? As a big fan of the band, I'm sure it'll be an interesting listen but I'm with some of you that a proper, energetic acoustic album with a little more variety from their discography would've been awesome. Missed opportunity.
  11. 100 might be a little bit of an exaggeration. But there's probably 6 or so songs from Odyssey I've had solidly in my rotation since it came out, and I listen to a lot of music between my office at work, my office at home, and driving to and from. As far as Galleons goes, I feel like I enjoy Dream Machines more than Metropolis so far. Feels like they cranked up the goofiness a little more this time, which is losing me a little bit off the bat. Probably be 3-4 songs from each album that end up being keepers.
  12. I LOVED the new Valiant Hearts album but to be honest, after the 100th listen I kinda agree with this. There's something a bit spicier with Galleons. Not positive if it's better yet, or just different.
  13. Valiant Hearts recent release got me on board with the singer (and whatever bandmates these groups share). So Galleons is obviously the next step. Had some trouble getting into Dream Machines but it's been growing on me hard the last few weeks. Awesome time for this one to come out, gonna get some spins tonight/this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanks for posting! Love this site, find a lot of music I wouldn't normally think of/listen to (though Halsey is probably more of a household name than I realize ). Lots of cool songs here, for whatever reason 'Still Learning' is the only one that stuck with me at the moment. Super catchy mellow song, an easy listen. Feel like I'm picking the less popular songs from here but I like 'Ashley' too, great chorus. The spoken part at the end is cheesy af though. I'm sure the other songs will quickly grow on me.
  15. Not sure how I feel about those weird rap segue's, but I like the dudes voice and the general vibe of the song otherwise.
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