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  1. I dunno who you people are, but some damn fine work being done on this site. Congrats!
  2. Loved basically all the singles, was actually listening through them again yesterday without totally realizing this was coming out this week. Definitely gonna enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Am I wrong that this explanation has nothing to do with "the quality of the album"?
  4. While this is certainly destined to be somewhere between really bad and really average... people take social media crap way too personally/seriously. Thanks for sharing!
  5. 30-ish seconds into The Fireside caught me off guard. Damn... I'm actually really liking this. Kinda have it on in the background while I work, hoping for some little moments to catch me and it's doing that. Gonna have to give it a real couple of listens soon.
  6. Loved Kezia, liked Fortress, never really listened to Scurrilous, loved certain songs on Volition, never really listened to Pacific Myth. I'm curious with this one but the singles hadn't really stuck with me. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Oh shi- Didn't realize McGough (Being As An Ocean vocalist) was doing his own music. This song is pretty good, and I'm digging some of the other songs he's put out too under this moniker. Guy has a great voice.
  8. I've only really listened to Controller from these guys, lots of good tunes on that record. This feels like it wouldn't be out of place there, I dig it.
  9. Self titled and Someone In Control were pretty great albums IMO. Only Through The Pain had some good tunes too. I haven't really listened much to anything else Trapt has done since, but the preview sounds alright. May actually give it a spin when it comes out.
  10. Loved that last EP they put out last year. This single is alright, but it's missing something. Lacks the energy and punchy hooks/instrumentals.
  11. This song is huge, both in sound and meaning. Dunno if I'll be able to get into their discography as much as I am this single... but their upcoming album has my attention for sure!
  12. Oooh, wasn't expecting new music. I've gotten a lot of spins from these guys out of Arms and Enigmatic Smile in particular. This song is pretty good! Didn't have high hopes going in for a song called 'STFU' but it works.
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