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  1. I've only really listened to Controller from these guys, lots of good tunes on that record. This feels like it wouldn't be out of place there, I dig it.
  2. Self titled and Someone In Control were pretty great albums IMO. Only Through The Pain had some good tunes too. I haven't really listened much to anything else Trapt has done since, but the preview sounds alright. May actually give it a spin when it comes out.
  3. Loved that last EP they put out last year. This single is alright, but it's missing something. Lacks the energy and punchy hooks/instrumentals.
  4. This song is huge, both in sound and meaning. Dunno if I'll be able to get into their discography as much as I am this single... but their upcoming album has my attention for sure!
  5. Oooh, wasn't expecting new music. I've gotten a lot of spins from these guys out of Arms and Enigmatic Smile in particular. This song is pretty good! Didn't have high hopes going in for a song called 'STFU' but it works.
  6. Not really into this after a listen. Feels like the album has more "experimental" moments, but not necessarily in any direction I find appealing. The more standard DGD tracks end up being my initial standouts like Lyrics Lie and Strawberry's Wake. Though while Mothership grabbed me right away, it took me a little bit for ArSe to click with me. So might just need to listen through it a few more times, or maybe I'm just not as big of a DGD fan as I used to be. Of course, driving to and from work is when I get my best listening done, which isn't happening as much these days... so...
  7. Knew there was a new album coming, didn't know when. Love basically everything these guys have put out. Digging this so far.
  8. Honestly, I was thinking about saying I loved Kezia AND Fortress... but left it at Kezia since that album was just great from start to finish for me. I think there are a few songs I didn't like as much on Fortress, but still a great album. Everything after that though was mostly miss for me (though Drumhead Trial on Volition may be my favorite PTH song).
  9. ... Anyways, I like the song. Still think Lyrics Lie is my favorite of the songs we've heard so far. But I love Mess in the singles, and this one. Seems like there's a little more creativity in the execution (for lack of a better way to describe it in musical terms).
  10. Loved Kezia but everything since then has been very hit and miss. This is a hit. Great song.
  11. Their last album was really good, and this sounds like the next album will at least be more of the same. I dig it.
  12. Yeah, this is their first release as far as I know. Came before Wanderlust, the LP before 2019's Odyssey. Has some good moments but the edges are particularly rough here.
  13. Shows how great this album is/was. I can't really listen to the instrumentals alone because I miss the dudes voice too much... but even with the voice gone it's gorgeous.
  14. I like that they seem to be mixing things up a bit vocally in this one (that "I WANT YOU... TO MATTER TO YOU" line from Mess is so weirdly infectious is almost makes the song on its own)... but lacks the punch/energy of Lyrics Lie and isn't as interesting as Prisoner.
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