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  1. Guess it's gonna have to be Hybrid Theory-era Linkin Park day (or days). Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Is this a sign? Should I start playing FFXIV again? Game apparently has its claws in me since I haven't stopped thinking about it since I took a break a few months ago. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Love it! These guys are good at stretching out little bits of material though. Hopefully that just means few singles, and a new album with lots of new music to listen to in the semi-near future? A boy can dream.
  4. All these singles have been pretty good (if not right away they grew on me)... but I'd be lying if I said song titles like this and STFU don't have me a little weary.
  5. Honestly, I don't think I've given a full album from these guys a listen since The Autumn Effect... which was just such a perfect album for what it was. Digging the first few songs here though. Guess I'll keep going.
  6. Thanks for sharing!! The new song here is probably the weakest, but it's all great. Favorites are probably Over Yourself and See Through. Love McGough's voice and it's used great here. Actually like him more here than in BAAO and I didn't think that was possible. Dunno if we can really point this stuff out, but that iTunes support link in the OP is going to the wrong Heart of Gold. Here: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/heart-of-gold/1497746559 There are a few other tunes floating around the last year or so not included on this EP, for anyone looking for more.
  7. Hey! If possible, could I please get these Andrew Belle albums and EP's in MP3 320? All Those Pretty Lights EP (2008) The Ladder (2010) The Daylight EP (2012) Black Bear (2013) https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/andrew-belle/291731793 Thank you!
  8. Heya! Would it be possible please to get the self-titled 2015 album from GUNSHIP? In 320 MP3 would be great. Thank you! https://music.apple.com/us/album/gunship/998104509
  9. I dunno who you people are, but some damn fine work being done on this site. Congrats!
  10. Loved basically all the singles, was actually listening through them again yesterday without totally realizing this was coming out this week. Definitely gonna enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Am I wrong that this explanation has nothing to do with "the quality of the album"?
  12. While this is certainly destined to be somewhere between really bad and really average... people take social media crap way too personally/seriously. Thanks for sharing!
  13. 30-ish seconds into The Fireside caught me off guard. Damn... I'm actually really liking this. Kinda have it on in the background while I work, hoping for some little moments to catch me and it's doing that. Gonna have to give it a real couple of listens soon.
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