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  1. Thanks! Such a solid release!
  2. Loved their EP and first album! So catchy! Thanks.
  3. For all of the delays with this release, this is a good follow up to Electrogram.
  4. One of the few bands that I discovered here at the site. Damn, it's just so good!
  5. Surprisingly good! Purchased!
  6. Thanks so much KL fam!
  7. single

    Thoroughly disappointed... But hey I'm just a normie sitting behind the monitor right.
  8. Wow! Thanks for this one LK!
  9. Thanks a lot @mR12!
  10. This one sums it up, on my first listen to Phantoms I just couldn't get my hands off of it. But this one, it doesn't have the same magic, rawness and sound that's on Phantoms but still fans are happy they're back. Hopefully for good. Thanks for this!
  11. The Maine and for the album, Black and White
  12. Another impressive band from UK and Pop Punk! Thanks for posting.
  13. The Maine is
  14. Such a tight album! NICE LA!