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  1. Lights BB ♥
  2. Thanks! Do you guys think the upcoming album will be posted on BandCamp too?
  3. Ever since Jesse's departure from the band, they went downhill yea?
  4. HOLY FUCK. This is just so good! Jampacked 2017.
  5. Really excited for the album!
  6. Microwave is just so good.
  7. Thanks never heard of this release. Are we going to expect a new full LP soon?
  8. Do you guys need FLAC for this album?
  9. Another amazing release from PVRIS. This is well done.
  10. LIGHTS ♥
  11. AOTY!
  12. This album is gonna be a banger! Thanks!
  13. Good STUFF!
  14. I just tried it dude, it's definitely working. Did you try to use another browser? or try what @mR12 said above.
  15. So this is not the same guy who did vocals at Settling In right?