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  1. I'm pumped! the singles they released so far have been fire!
  2. I'm actually sick of TC after a full listen. I miss the screams. Now i know why DGD works so well.
  3. They are playing in Philly on Tuesday at a tiny venue.. should i go? hmm....
  4. These guys need to release more tunes! There are so many great bands that come from Central PA from the rise of August Burns Red( Texas in July, This or the Apocalypse, One Year Later )
  5. glad these guys are still trying to recover from the Miss Fortune of getting released from Sumerian prematurely.
  6. I Can't wait to listen to this whole album tonight!
  7. too mellow for me. Strangers Only was GOLD!
  8. where have you been! their stuff after Leveler is awesome!
  9. yes yes yes! i feel like these guys never age. they all look the same as they did back in '06 JB just does not age. It makes me nervous that they are all almost married now and 2 of them have kids. It seems like they love what they do and they make the whole family + tour band thing work but you never know. it will be a sad day when these legends decide to call it quits. UNTIL THEN LETS ENJOY IT!!!!!
  10. pre-order came early today :-) I lost my father to cancer last year so their song "a cancer uncontained" on their last album was my go to for a long time. I hope this album is just as good!
  11. idk too much singing. I only say that because he struggles live hitting these notes. They use to be a sold live band expect for bass player trying to sing
  12. Can anyone share a link of ALL their covers so far? they are about what, 15 cover songs since "summer of covers" two years ago?
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