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  1. The heck? If that's true they're literally releasing like almost 4 albums for 1. Are they going somewhere? 😂😂
  2. Wew. This ain't even the Deluxe Edition yet but it already has 22 tracks. What about the actual Deluxe Edition, 30 tracks?
  3. I don't know but why people hating this? It's kind of ok to me. This is a 'Single' not the 'Album'.
  4. My mind is still processing if it's yea or nay.
  5. 01. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 02. Erra - Neon 03. Stand Atlantic - Skinny Dipping 04. State Champs - Living Proof 05. Blessthefall - Hard Feelings 06. Settle Your Scores - Better Luck Tomorrow 07. Secrets - Secrets 08. Jason Mraz - Know. 09. LOSTTHREADS - Aftermath 10. Oh, Weatherly - Lips Like Oxygen This is hard bec there's still many albums out there, but can't put them all. This will be my top 10, i think??
  6. The instrumentals were great but the vocals. Better find a new lead vocalist.
  7. Vic Fuentes + Kellin Quinn = Viclin Quinntes. deym dude!
  8. Thanks for the V0 but still waiting for my dear 320kbps. Well i think i'll just take it easyCORE for now and just wait for a few days. Great album.
  9. Dear my beloved 320kbps, where are you now? I'm patiently waiting here for you to come and hear your 320kbps voice..
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