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  1. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    I think @Crust hit it spot on with what WSS’s/WAT’s intentions were in releasing the EP.
  2. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    You’re 100% right! I do like the 2 acoustic songs tho. At least they gave us something.
  3. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    Oh yeah. Gotcha! Would’ve been nice for at least a couple new songs. I love these guys!
  4. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    Just the same material (and same recordings) from “Abandon Ship, Abandon Hope”, minus 6 songs. Nothing new whatsoever, except the 2 acoustic versions of old songs.
  5. Good shit!!! No comments? Tells me no one is listening...which is a shame. More people need to experience music like this and less of the mainstream junk.
  6. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    This one only has half of the (same) songs (from ASAH) and 2 “new” acoustic versions, which is the only difference. They recently signed to We Are Triumphant (per @Lord Kingdom), so I’m guessing they had them “re-release” previous material under their label name.
  7. Moose Blood - It's Too Much (Single) (2018)

    Couldn’t agree more!
  8. 2017 Album of the Year - Poll Results + Discussion

    It is what it is, I guess. Good points made by @Dweskand @coachlow. Hell, I think We Set Signals’ album was better than most of the options in the poll. And there’s DEFINITELY not a better songwriter than Greg Barnett of The Menzingers. Jesse Lacey comes close, but no one else is in the same ballpark. Yeah, maybe some bands display superior guitar abilities (like ABR) and loud, fast drums, but in my opinion, it’s a collective effort...and the lyrics definitely have to be above the rest. And these bands just don’t have that (in my opinion). And 2Pac still, by far, the best rapper ever!
  9. Awesome song! Such a talented songwriter!
  10. Super American - Good Boy & Samantha's Song [Singles] (2018)

    Lol. No worries. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. All good now. Thanks for introducing the band to me!
  11. Super American - Good Boy & Samantha's Song [Singles] (2018)

  12. Super American - Good Boy & Samantha's Song [Singles] (2018)

    Really dig this! I'm only able to download track #1 (Good Boy) tho...
  13. Current Events - MMXVII [EP] (2018)

    Never heard of these guys before. I like their sound. Seems to be a pretty solid band. Thanks @Lord Kingdom!
  14. Hylian - Ukiah (Single) (2018)

    Not too bad! Worth looking into more. Thanks!