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  1. I agree. Not even the slightest hint of “pop.”
  2. I don’t know about that, but I do hear similarities. I don’t always think he sounds like MM, but there are times he hits a certain tone, along with the synths in the music, that just create that Manson vibe.
  3. I didn't know that...thanks for the info. I can definitely hear the influence, though it's just a little difficult for me listen to someone sound so similar, who doesn't deliver the same depth. That being said, I do like MIW (for the most part), I just feel that takes away from their originality, a little. Great guys, by the way. Met them in Cleveland a few years back. Chris is one of the most down-to-earth musicians I've ever met.
  4. Disguise isn’t too bad. Nice main riff and breakdown. Brand New Numb is terrible though! Too much experimenting in the wrong direction. At times they sound so similar to Manson (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but the lyrics aren’t even in the same realm as his...and it loses me, fast.
  5. Wow! I didn’t expect this! Probably the best thing I’ve heard, so far, this year!
  6. His voice definitely resembles Vic’s!
  7. I’m definitely not a fan of the twangy stuff. I’m very selective when listening to any country. As soon as I hear the “twang”, I’m out. Lol
  8. I get what you're saying. I think people just tend to mellow out with age, though. Having a family really changes a person, too. You spend way less time dwelling on the things you are displeased with and much more time focusing on the things you love and appreciate. I know the older I get, the more secluded and involved I want to be with the people around me, and that causes me write with more maturity and personal emotion...and an acoustic guitar conveys that message more effectively. I would have to guess that would be Aaron's reason too. I know he initially writes his songs on an acoustic it just makes sense he would keep in rolling in that form.
  9. Great band! Glad to see some new material.
  10. This is pretty damn good! Thanks @lukejaggers!
  11. You should try crack! I hear it’s good for inspiration! 😂
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