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  1. Glad I didn’t sleep on it! Great stuff! Their entire catalog is solid!
  2. Awesome! Been listening to these guys (and their signature sound) since they first came into the scene...which seems like forever ago.
  3. Perfect review, man! Spot on! Besides “You In January”, NCTH didn’t really have a song, with a hook, that kept repeating in my head after listening. Certainly didn’t have the “addictiveness” of the songs on TGG. Anymore, to me, TWY is essentially just “poetry in motion”, which I do like...however the contents just never seem to stick with me very long. In the liner notes of Sisiter Cities, it reads; “This record is really just forty-four minutes of rain falling on the roof of a parked car.” I almost feel like that’s literally how it’s supposed to be listened to (on a dismal, rainy day), to get the most out of it.
  4. I'm with you, on missing their pop punk edge! What the hell happened to that "Hoodie Weather" sound? That said, I still do appreciate what they've evolved into.
  5. Update: I may have prematurely commented on this, in a negative way...based entirely on the music video provided above. After listening to more of their material, I definitely like what I’m hearing. And their lyrics are far better than I initially gave them credit for.
  6. Not bad. My main takeaway is; how much this singer reminds me of Greg from The Menzingers (who has a very unique and distinct voice)! It sounds so similar to me that it almost gives me the feeling that he’s trying to sound like Greg, and makes it hard for me to listen. Same voice, minus the top-tier lyrics.
  7. Good stuff! Never heard of them before. Wish they had more material!
  8. I’m getting the Urie vibe as well, especially in the beginning. I’m even getting a hint of Patrick Stump (especially the falsettos) and a dash of Caleb Shomo’s raspy little shouts. I’m sure we could all make comparisons all day long. The important thing is; it’s definitely good stuff! Looking forward to hearing more from them.
  9. I feel the exact same! This is going to be a breakthrough band!
  10. Thank you so much for this! Been waiting for this! These guys are bad ass! Love everything about them.
  11. Ok, I'll admit...this is better than I thought it would be. Still don't know if I'd go as far to say it's as good as Fragile Figures...BUT, we'll see....
  12. Damn good song! Excited to hear more from these guys.
  13. Awesome! Probably my favorite release of the day!
  14. Great stuff! Perfect for this rainy day. Thanks!
  15. Without a doubt, a very unique band. Really dig the tracks; “Florida (Voicemail)”, “All The Lonely Nights In Your Life” and “Before My Telephone Rings”...beautiful stuff.