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  1. I admit, there’s so much music out there nowadays (and such little time), that (unfortunately) I tend to “judge a book by its cover” when it comes to exploring new music. I typically look at the creativeness of the band’s name, the album name and song names...and even their album art. I know it’s a bad policy, and I probably overlook a lot of good bands, but it’s just the mode I’ve developed over the years. Anyway, with that being said, I’m glad I saw enough in these guys to take a closer look. This is very good stuff!!!
  2. I’m not gonna waste a whole lot of my breath (like someone else already has), I’ll just say; that a TRUE Menzo fan is going to like this, no matter what. To me, new music from them is like getting a phone call from an old friend-catching up and sharing new stories. They’ve definitely earned my respect over the years, so I’ll continue to give them my loyalty.
  3. This kind of blows my mind-but I like it...A LOT!
  4. Not sure if I should say something positive or negative? Do I want upvotes or downvotes? 🤔
  5. Another one bites the dust! What ever happened to “The Deep End” (Nerve Endings) sound? Very disappointed in the direction this band is going.
  6. Well put! When a band no longer meets your expectations, just listen to one of the many other bands out there that fills that void!
  7. That is exactly how I feel about them! I don’t expect anything groundbreaking, I just expect their songs to “jam”...and they always do!
  8. Shit...this is good! Edit: These guys are really fucking good! Thanks @desk! Always makes my day to be introduced to some good music!
  9. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face...I’d much rather a band sound “the same” than try to experiment with an uncharacteristic sound and diminish the integrity of the band (and their music). I look for consistency...and these guys are definitely consistent!
  10. Definitely one of the most consistent bands out there!
  11. "The Fallout" is what introduced me to them, and I loved it. I felt like they put their "all" into it. I just didn't feel the same conviction from them in ROTR. Truthfully, it felt overproduced and too experimental. Pretty much all the things you liked about it, I disliked. Lol. Thats not to say there aren't good songs on ROTR, just not enough to keep my attention. Anyway, I just moved on from them and onto other bands. I do, however, still check out the new material they put out...I just don't get into it. They're a talented band, I won't deny that. Just not my cup of tea anymore.
  12. I’d rather not reply to such an opinionated comment, but I will. And, to simplify...they just did! And they lost me with THAT album (ROTR)! I wanted to like it, but just didn’t.
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