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  1. Well said! I couldn’t agree more with your second “criticism.”
  2. This is topnotch songwriting!!! These guys have their shit together!!! “Creatures of Habit” is the standout track for me, so far.
  3. My most anticipated album of the year! Thanks so much!!!
  4. 1. Bad Books - III 2. The Menzingers - Hello Exile 3. Vanish - Familiar Faces 4. Get Scared - The Dead Days 5. Slaughter Beach, Dog - Safe And Also... 6. Microwave - Death Is A Warm Blanket 7. The Milk Carton Kids - The Only Ones 8. Wilco - Ode To Joy 9. Free Throw - What’s Past Is Prologue 10. Aaron West - Routine Maintenance
  5. I admit, there’s so much music out there nowadays (and such little time), that (unfortunately) I tend to “judge a book by its cover” when it comes to exploring new music. I typically look at the creativeness of the band’s name, the album name and song names...and even their album art. I know it’s a bad policy, and I probably overlook a lot of good bands, but it’s just the mode I’ve developed over the years. Anyway, with that being said, I’m glad I saw enough in these guys to take a closer look. This is very good stuff!!!
  6. I’m not gonna waste a whole lot of my breath (like someone else already has), I’ll just say; that a TRUE Menzo fan is going to like this, no matter what. To me, new music from them is like getting a phone call from an old friend-catching up and sharing new stories. They’ve definitely earned my respect over the years, so I’ll continue to give them my loyalty.
  7. This kind of blows my mind-but I like it...A LOT!
  8. Not sure if I should say something positive or negative? Do I want upvotes or downvotes? ?
  9. Another one bites the dust! What ever happened to “The Deep End” (Nerve Endings) sound? Very disappointed in the direction this band is going.
  10. Well put! When a band no longer meets your expectations, just listen to one of the many other bands out there that fills that void!
  11. That is exactly how I feel about them! I don’t expect anything groundbreaking, I just expect their songs to “jam”...and they always do!
  12. Shit...this is good! Edit: These guys are really fucking good! Thanks @desk! Always makes my day to be introduced to some good music!
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