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  1. Oh damn that makes a lot of sense. E•MO•TION is incredible and yeah, I hear the inspiration.
  2. Fuzz intensifies Not quite what I wanted, but still ready for more
  3. Every time I see a new OM&M song I somehow expect Savage Hands and I'm severely disappointed when it's inevitably not.
  4. This rocks. Looks like they have an EP on Bandcamp I gotta check out.
  5. I know I don't want an entire album of this. I really like the bridge tho -- Just not real into anything else.
  6. Man, I grew up wearing Crisis out. I never was really able to get into much more than that, but God I want that to change so bad. Thanks a ton for this.
  7. That's my hopeful sentiment! Maybe a whole cycle of touring this album will help them refine their sound. I'm hopeful at least
  8. This is so good. The clean vox melodies are all over the place and I think I dig it. I keep only making it 5 track in though and getting burnt out. (someone share your top tracks tho)
  9. Everyone's too excited about this so I hate it.
  10. What a pleasant surprise. October got kinda overrun with releases so I put off getting into these guys until this came out. Do recommend, Especially if you like theatric-sounding things a la The Widow's Bane.
  11. I like Believe a lot, it's one of my favorites despite it being the corniest opening to a song by a long shot haha. But yes, Takeover over either of the other two any day for me (if not for the live potential of Bad Listener).
  12. If Normandie doesn't get added, my vote goes to Bearings' Blue in the Dark, which I've been planning to vote for all along... Except fuck!! Where did White Flag even come from?? It wasn't even on my radar and now it's my AOTY by a long shot. (I've also been reading that Normandie's previous was even better? How even...)
  13. Not nearly as fun as Four Year Strong's cover of it ages ago, but still plenty fun. I kept wait waiting for Tilian to belt "goodbye" though and it never happened, which bummed me out. Now I wanna listen to FYS
  14. If I had to choose between this and more DREAMCAR I would definitely ask for the latter. I mean, it's not horrendous though. I guess.
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