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  1. Yo I love this. I've been so impressed with Kurt Travis ever since Eternity Forever's EP, even after never really liking how he fit with DGD. This is probably my favorite Amarionette song now, too.
  2. Oh I had no idea this was already leaked. I just saw the 2019/03/01 release date on YT. So bump for that, I guess.
  3. Fuck me up with some K-Pop, fam.
  4. I should have made these both one comment, whoops! I'd like to add DREAMCAR to the list of bands people were recommending to you based on the band-driven-80s-style bands you mentioned! Kill for Candy, Born to Lie, and On the Charts are all good starting point songs. Also Taylor Swift's 1989 is better than most people give it credit for being!
  5. Oh damn that makes a lot of sense. E•MO•TION is incredible and yeah, I hear the inspiration.
  6. Fuzz intensifies Not quite what I wanted, but still ready for more
  7. Every time I see a new OM&M song I somehow expect Savage Hands and I'm severely disappointed when it's inevitably not.
  8. This rocks. Looks like they have an EP on Bandcamp I gotta check out.
  9. I know I don't want an entire album of this. I really like the bridge tho -- Just not real into anything else.
  10. Man, I grew up wearing Crisis out. I never was really able to get into much more than that, but God I want that to change so bad. Thanks a ton for this.
  11. That's my hopeful sentiment! Maybe a whole cycle of touring this album will help them refine their sound. I'm hopeful at least
  12. This is so good. The clean vox melodies are all over the place and I think I dig it. I keep only making it 5 track in though and getting burnt out. (someone share your top tracks tho)
  13. Oh, that's not what I meant at all. Just that vox go a long way in dictating what a group sounds like. I think you'd have a hard time putting a vocalist like, say, Ross Jennings in a group and find anyone who could even say they were playing the same genre as CNCC (maybe not that extreme, but </hyperbole>) -- but that's what I got. That's not at all what I expected from the tags. That TF
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