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  1. Anyone who finds this down the road, PLEASE support this band if you can, I know two of the guys in this band, they and everyone else in this band worked hard af on this thing, so PLEASE if you LOVE it PLEASE make a purchase on it. It would mean the world to them.
  2. I went to high school with the bass player. If anyone who downloads this really likes this as much as hometown fans like me do, PLEASE buy it on iTunes or however you can, they deserve any and all support that anyone can give them.
  3. I think the link is broken, it keeps saying I have a bad gateway. Been working for everything else.
  4. Agreed. Sorry for my outburst, this band is just really special to me.
  5. I understand what you're saying. I shouldn't let my biased for liking a band get in the way. I know leaks happen, this was just one that shouldn't have. The singer told everyone in a live stream that he wanted to keep it special for people who bought it because it was a limited release, so it just upset me that someone would go out of their way and disregard his wishes just for the sake of feeling like a hero for leaking something. Sorry I caused everyone such a headache. This was a special thing for me and I let it get the better of my judgement.
  6. I'm not talking about this place, I'm talking about this ONE EP. Get over yourself.
  7. I'm only here to find new bands, I buy their shit if it's worth my time. That's the only reason I'm on here in the first place. Anyone else, it's their business. But it sickens me to see people take advantage of a band that worked hard on something special and just give it away to people. If you can't see that point then I don't know what else to tell you. I didn't say nobody else buys music, I just said that if anyone DOESN'T, they're what's wrong with music. If someone actually buys music, they have my respect. This EP was different in many regards because no band that I can recall has done a release like this before, and as someone who actually bought it, it makes it less special to me because I know so many other people have it now. Hate me for thinking that way, but it doesn't change how I feel about it.
  8. You guys are missing the point...but I digress. Of course they will eventually release the songs to the public, but now that it's been leaked what was the point of making them exclusive in the first place? It's nice that fans that didn't get to buy Origins get to hear the songs now, I'm happy for them because they are great songs. But if they can't wait for the band to release the songs, can they call themselves a fan in the first place? We're all on a leak site to get music before it's released, we all do it. But if we don't buy albums we actually care about and that we say mean something to us, we can't call ourselves a fan of that band to begin with. I go on here to find new music, and if the music is really good, I go out and buy that album whether it be a physical copy or digital. If you don't do that, you're the reason the music industry is falling apart and I have no sympathy for you. Bands work hard on this stuff, and people like you ruin it for everyone else that actually gives a shit.
  9. I'm mad at whoever leaked this. This was supposed to be an exclusive thing and somebody ruined that. How ridiculous. I'm glad people get to hear these tracks but I spent $145 on Origins and now people can just get these tracks for free? Stupid.
  10. 1. Polaris - The Mortal Coil 2. Oceans Ate Alaska - Hikari 3. Currents - The Place I Feel Safest 4. August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem 5. At The Drive-In - in-ter a-li-a 6. CHON - Homey 7. Signs of the Swarm - The Disfigurement of Existence 8. We Came As Romans - Cold Like War 9. Veil of Maya - False Idol 10. Speaking With Ghosts - Illuminated It was really hard to narrow down the order but this is based purely on the overall amount of plays each album has accumulated in my iTunes account, something I reset every time a new album comes out so that my top 25 keeps itself relevant. There are many other albums that were amazing from 2017, but these are the best of the best in my opinion.
  11. My buddy is the bass player for this band. They worked really hard on this album, so if you like it please buy it! It would mean the world to all those guys, as this is their debut album. I know this is a leak site but these guys deserve any support they get, for real.
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