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  1. Wish we could get Pressure Cracks stuff as much as we get Fever stuff
  2. Stupid excited for this album. Didn’t think we would get anything before November but I as (happily) proven wrong. This will be an early birthday present for me. :]
  3. Where’s Angelmaker and Brand of Sacrifice??
  4. When I saw them in November, they played Primal Directive and Flourish. No Intrinsic music, sadly.
  5. Finally listened to this today after the 320 dropped. Not entirely sure where I stand with it yet. Definitely feels a lot different than their previous efforts, but not necessarily in a bad way. I can see where people are coming from with their comments about how there’s more of an industrialized and electronic feel to the album. But I think that that works very well with the overall tone. I definitely need to read the lyrics for this because that’s where a good amount of the substance lies within this particular project. So, for my off the cuff, literal first listen, subject to change ranking of albums Marcus has been on, I’d say my ranking currently stands at Mesmer being my favorite, then Alien, then Node (which I still don’t think has totally clicked for me yet unfortunately).
  6. This sounds like an ABR Constellations B-Side, but really shitty. Ugh. I wish they’d just stop already ffs.
  7. Can not wait to finally check this out! Thanks for the upload.
  8. Actually, I think it’s more for stream revenue rather than popularity. If you can spread a higher number of songs out, the more revenue it can generate or something. I just woke up so I probably explained this like shit lol
  9. Finally listened and omgggggg. My favorite band can do no wrong. They are so good at moving you while having such beautiful and intricate music. Already preordered my vinyl too
  10. Interesting choice to end the album the way they did lol. So caught off guard
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