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  1. Makes no sense. How do you have someone that insanely talented around and still pump out generic, uninspired music
  2. But his point was that this was the best thing since Jason left. And thats only two albums. This and SI
  3. That’s only SI, and that isn’t hard to top at all lmao
  4. Yeah so... not sure how I feel about this. I want to like this but I can’t. This album just feels so boring and shallow to me. Maybe it’s the quality, idk. I’ll give it another listen when 320 drops but who knows if that’ll change my mind. This is definitely their weakest album to me next to Self Inflicted. And this is also arguably their weakest lineup. Unpopular opinion too: I don’t like Pablo doing vox like 90% of the time. Sucks ass too because this was my favorite deathcore band and now they’ve basically burned out to me it seems. Only songs I can see myself playing occasionally are: The Wolf, See You Soon, Scent of Evil Last minute observation: how can Josh fucking Travis be involved with this and this album still be so boring. Yikes
  5. Kinda scary how accurate this is
  6. Seems better than the other singles. Which isn’t hard to do. Still lacks punch though. But holy shit do I feel like they’re playing it super safe with their song structures. Like, I’m only hard on this band because they were my number one deathcore band but now I’m afraid their time is up. I’ll listen to tab album first of course before making that call but so far I’m beyond underwhelmed.
  7. Yikes. This is painfully average and generic sounding. I really hope they’re getting the generic deathcore 101 tracks out of the way as singles because this shit is kinda weak. This sounds like a Self Inflicted b-side track. Smfh. Theres no no way this album is gonna top My Damnation at this rate.