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  1. Everything checks out with this one?
  2. Sick EP is my shitttttt >>>
  3. My comment isn't really about the deluxe edition. Lol. It's just a general statement.
  4. Band fell off hard. Shame.
  5. Yeah, I tried giving this band the benefit of the doubt without Carlile being there but it just isn't working. Both singles thus far have been just so generic and interchangable with any other hopecore band out there. People who say that they're hoping for a Flood-tier record are fooling themselves. If anything, there'll be another RF level record but not The Flood. Of Mice is more or less not the same band I started following back in 2009 as the current "Of Mice". They honestly should've just changed names and let OM&M RIP.
  6. I'm liking this direction. It's a fusion of the last two albums which I like because each brought different things to the table. Solid stuff. I'm assuming the album is called "All Smiles"?
  7. Reading this made me that much more excited to listen. Trying to decide if I should wait for my preorder though lol
  8. Hype cult??? Hello? No one is blowing up the site like they were with MIW and ALLB lmao
  9. Why is it a competition
  10. I really hope this album has a good mix of both tbh
  11. Anyone got a working link? edit: nevermind. Like this more than Warcry for sure. Can't wait for this album
  12. Oh shiiiiiiiittttt
  13. Why are your feelings hurt?? lmao
  14. Left for Dead is a terrible closer track