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  1. Would be nice if a lot of this is true but I’m remaining skeptical. A lot of this shit is too good to be true.
  2. Album art looks like a hot topic t-shirt lmao
  3. As expected, the album is way overhyped. That aside. It’s not bad for a dadcore album. At all. Can see myself coming back to this more than Ire. Liked a few songs off this so it might be grower.
  4. Yeah Evolve would be runner up IMO. But I barely touch Self Inflicted. The only song I still bump is American Dream lol
  5. To be honest, his lyrical prowess isn’t the strongest. And the albums mentioned reflect that. I’d argue the strongest lyrics were on My Damnation since they had to fit more of a theme.
  6. Lorna makes good songs but I feel like they stretch them out way too long. Some of their songs don’t need to be like 5 minutes long
  7. So, so, sooooo conflicted right now. I fuck with Lorna Shore. I fucked with CG even longer. It’s weird seeing this band without at least one original member left. But now things are all different...maybe for the better? Alex had such a long run with them and I never, ever in a million years would’ve imagined he’d he leave. I figured the band would just call it quits or something before then. Wow. Sigh. Song’s cool. Tom’s cool. It’s gonna take a long fucking time for me to come to grips with the fact that this is CG now. If someone would’ve told me in the past when I saw both LS and CG on the DoE Tour that Tom would be taking Alex’s place, I would’ve just laughed in their face and said “no way.” But, here we are... Excited for the album nonetheless and I hope Alex drops a new record under his new project.
  8. Never heard of him but RIP. 28 is so young.
  9. I take the album for a very middle-of-the-road album. Not bad but not spectacular to me in any regard. I always give btf a chance when they drop a new album and everytime I walk away with the same “meh, that was alright” sentiment
  10. True but it’s still a bit too late for me unfortunately
  11. Very meh album. Not good, not bad. Too middle of the road for me. They don’t seem to do anything too particularly well but they have great foundation and technique with what they do. I’ve listened to every album of theirs minus And I’ve walked away with the same feeling of just “meh.” I hate to do it it but I can almost compare them to TAA where they have one specific sound that they know how to do well and that’s really it. Which I mean, if you like it, then that’s all good. It’s just not for me.
  12. I wish I could like his music without my feelings of him as a person getting in the way but I just can’t. He’s such an insufferable, woman beating cunt that deserves to be in jail
  13. Are the links giving anyone else an error message?