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  1. If done right, that shit can slap harder than a lot of other types of deathcore 🤷‍♂️
  2. Yo @Summers next time you want to drop something this big and important, let me proof read it first. 😂😂 But in all seriousness, thanks for all the work you’ve done on both the front lines and behind the scenes. Best of luck for whatever comes next for you.
  3. whoa this was left field. Did they ever say they were releasing those?? Where did this come from lol (not that I’m complaining)
  4. Decent I suppose. Definitely not bad. I think I still have a hard time calling this Chelsea Grin 😔 the vibe just ain’t the same since Tom came into the fold. However, I am curious to see how a new album with his full input would sound.
  5. I’ve never been a fan of Emmure but this album might change that. I didn’t really go in with any expectations and I feel like the album was decent on first listen. Definitely will have to give this more spins.
  6. Pretty disappointed. This album kinda struck me as pretty average and a bit generic? I feel like this band is capable of so much more but this feels like it could be random deathcore band #69’s album, not AC.
  7. 100% agreed. Love anything Mike touches
  8. Definitely not this. Actual progressive deathcore is something more along the lines of Exoplanet by The Contortionist. That album is God tier.
  9. Idk if you want to put it in your post @967-EVIL, but some people may not know that Young Mountain has Hance Alligood in the band (former WIM and Favorite Weapon singer) and that The Villa is Michael Bohn’s new band. Just a suggestion!
  10. Haven’t listened to the album yet but Makoto Nijima ❤️
  11. Wish we could get Pressure Cracks stuff as much as we get Fever stuff
  12. Stupid excited for this album. Didn’t think we would get anything before November but I as (happily) proven wrong. This will be an early birthday present for me. :]
  13. Where’s Angelmaker and Brand of Sacrifice??
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