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  1. Interesting choice to end the album the way they did lol. So caught off guard
  2. Yo. Why didn’t y’all tell me Kellin Quinn had a side project?? 😂
  3. Lucky duck. I wish I could see them live. 😩
  4. Are y’all happy now!? Damn lol.
  5. Even though they’ve all been uploaded here before?? Lol
  6. Just think of it this way: there’s a Spiritbox EP and a Spiritbox EP 2. Boom. Lol.
  7. I preordered a CD that had all their newest singles on it and getting the CD was the only way to hear this song early
  8. It’s not my favorite but it’s definitely not as bad as people overstate
  9. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not lol, but I actually like RF a fair bit
  10. This is bad. God. Why are they trying to push some kind of post apocalyptic theme with the band?? It feels so forced and disingenuous. The instrumental is... passable. Lyrics? No comment. Vocals? Decent. But sheesh. I’m so sad this band turned out the way they did. I’ll just pretend everything after Cold War doesn’t exist. It makes the pain easier. Aaron just isn’t frontman material for this band.
  11. Pretty safe single. I like it though. That artwork though... yikes.
  12. Someone’s having a rough day. I’m sowwy.
  13. Having an interlude on an EP is such a waste the majority of the time. Like come on now 😒
  14. Cover reminds me of something Sworn In would do. Excited to check this out, nonetheless.
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