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  1. Let’s not be blinded by nostalgia lol. Alex was a good vocalist, yes, but he was pretty one dimensional with his vocals. That being said, I think I would still prefer him to the new guy. That aside, I do think this song is better than the previous. My attention is a little more piqued.
  2. Wonder who the new vocalist is... i have mixed feelings on this right now :/ I like the instrumental but I’m not entirely keen on the vocals
  3. How’s this compare to The Discovery? That was their magnum opus for me.
  4. I’m fucking ERECT. @Dwėsk hold me
  5. This song is really not that bad. Y’all need to relax. It’s a decent hype song and that’s really it
  6. So then why are you getting defensive lol. You’re the one comparing the band you’re defending to other bands out there. I actually agreed with that second statement.
  7. I never said it was bad, generally. It’s just boring and predictable to me. And yeah they are. And I don’t like them. Lol. So what’s the issue.
  8. Yeah Caleb is definitely a bit of a one trick pony for lyrics.
  9. Yeah the fanboyism for this band is crazy on this site. They (Beartooth) really are a wash, rinse, and repeat band. Which necessarily isn’t a bad thing because at least they’re consistent, think TAA. But this album won’t even come near my top 10 for the year. Easily.
  10. Didn’t think I’d be posting a fucking review but whatever. This is a very middle of the road album to me. I was a huge fan of the first EP and LP (shocker right) but ever since I saw them live and Aggressive coming, they just kinda lost their spark to me. Caleb is in no way a bad musician but Toof just ain’t cutting it anymore for me. The production on this album is weird. I feel like it lacks any sort of punch. Caleb’s vocals are still cool. That’s one of the band’s strong suits. This isn’t metalcore anymore though IMO. This is like radio-dad-arena rock or something. And that’s cool if that’s what you’re into it but I’m not vibing with it. Songs are very predictable for the most part. Very easy to follow structure. Lots of rinse and repeat. It’s like once you hear 1 Beartooth song, you’ve heard 85% of the discography. Bad Listener is the only song I see myself coming back. Definitely the stand out for me. Manipulation had a dope breakdown. Same with Enemy. Finally, am I missing something with Clever??? People were gassing this song up to be super emotional and tear inducing and yeah... I didn’t really get those kind of vibes at all. Alright. That’s all I gotta say. I’m ready for the downvotes by the Beartooth Brigade.
  11. If this was gonna drop tomorrow in hq as well as being split, wouldn’t it have just been better to wait? Lol
  12. Yeah I believe Lupe himself tweeted that the album is definitely two parts. The first part ends after track 9 IIRC
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