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  1. Love love love this band. Can’t wait for the next album/EP.
  2. This and Angelmaker are my most anticipated. But outside of those, I can’t really think of anything else
  3. Shits gnarly. Can already tell this gonna shit all over some other deathcore releases that released earlier this year. Can’t wait for the full album.
  4. Thats because Em fell off. Hard. Has been that way for a while. He basically has to fight to stay relevant these days.
  5. Can’t wait for some more edgy anti religious lyrics. Hnnnnng. But in all seriousness, maybe this’ll be the album that actually makes me a fan. Only time will tell and I wanna give it a fair shot.
  6. Ugh. This band needs to die and stay dead. They’re so irrelevant now. Their first album was cool but the whole schtick died so long ago.
  7. Not feeling the vocals at all. Tom would’ve been awesome on this though
  8. Super stoked to check this out. Ty for the upload
  9. This really isn’t that bad, come on now
  10. Stupid band name. Amazing album artwork.
  11. Safe radio song. Not too crazy but has some catchiness. Always interested in what they do as a band so I’m definitely looking forward to the album.