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  1. Holy fuck I’m excited. Sucks it’s so far out though
  2. Juggernaut are the only albums by Periphery I can actively sit down and listen to without getting bored. Idk why. Everything else feels kinda samey and this kinda feels the same with the exception minus some parts. Guess this band just ain’t for me.
  3. Really hope this album is going to be worth all the hype surrounding it. The only albums from this band I liked have been the Juggernaut ones.
  4. This cover is gonna be a no from me dog
  5. Pretty anxious to hear this. I want to give the new guy a fair chance.
  6. Let’s not be blinded by nostalgia lol. Alex was a good vocalist, yes, but he was pretty one dimensional with his vocals. That being said, I think I would still prefer him to the new guy. That aside, I do think this song is better than the previous. My attention is a little more piqued.
  7. Wonder who the new vocalist is... i have mixed feelings on this right now :/ I like the instrumental but I’m not entirely keen on the vocals
  8. How’s this compare to The Discovery? That was their magnum opus for me.
  9. I’m fucking ERECT. @Dwėsk hold me
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