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  1. Underoath detail new album "Erase Me"

    Never understood the hype behind this band. Probably never will
  2. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    Yeah how dare someone have differing opinions!
  3. In Hearts Wake - Ark Prevails (EP) (2018)

    Oh the irony lol
  4. In Hearts Wake - Ark Prevails (EP) (2018)

    Is the last song technically not new?
  5. Blessthefall - Melodramatic (Single) (2018)

    I like me a little bit of ISS every so often, everything else in that list I agree with you. Used to love the first two SWS albums back in high school tho Probably one of the most accurate statements in this entire thread and maybe why I can’t get in to these guys: because it all sounds the same to me with some exceptions
  6. Blessthefall - Melodramatic (Single) (2018)

    Band’s always bored me or just had this underwhelming feeling to them. Throughout their entire discography are only a handful of songs I can come back and listen to.
  7. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (Exclusive Preview) (2018)

    Very slightly off topic; but does anyone have the single artwork they’ve been using for the Spotify previews of whatever? Or have a way to rip it? I prefer that art to the actual album art anywho, not gonna listen to this. Wanna go into this as blind as I can
  8. Migos - Culture II (2018)

  9. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    So then what would you consider this?
  10. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    Out of curiosity, what is it about his vocals that you don’t like?
  11. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    The “spirit” of the first album can never be redone. This band is beyond stagnant now
  12. 2017 Album of the Year - Poll Results + Discussion

    Like Kendrick but he didn’t deserve this
  13. Of Mice & Men - Money (Pink Floyd Cover) [Single] (2018)

    Fucking stupid
  14. Landon Tewers - Ai640 Pt. 2 (2017)

    Yeeeeaaaahhhh big no
  15. Exactly. There’s been so much heat this year that this just kinda falls to the wayside in comparison.