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  1. Opinions bud. Can’t say I was wowed by too much.
  2. Stoked to hear this in good quality. Probably will be one of the better albums of the year amongst all the meh we got.
  3. Can only stand him in very limited quantities
  4. Couldn't get past a minute and half of this. So boring. Why was there so much hype surrounding this? Because Danny is back? between this and OM&M, there's going to be a buttrock war coming real soon.
  5. It was so hard reading through the rest of your post after that first sentence. Such blasphemy.
  6. Well i was just poking fun at LKA more than anything. I'll probably like this band but not love them. But we'll see!
  7. I'll give these guys a listen since I've heard they're good but I doubt they'll be better than The Contortionist for me
  8. Yeah I was pretty butthurt about that.
  9. But...but...it sounds so epic. Cries.
  10. Can someone please explain to me why in the holy fucks of fucking fuckity fuck did they not include the part from 1:38 - onward from the studio update:
  11. Theres screaming on the title track. It's just very brief
  12. So true. I'll like what some other bands put out, but no one can put me in a trance like The Contortionist. They are so perfect to me.
  13. Why do you say that?