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  1. majestic/haunting melodies, nasty riffs, swampy vocals, monstrous breakdowns(especially the last one), sick ass solo. can't wait for the full album.
  2. one of the best albums of the year. great riffs, god tier vocals(as always), relentless drumming. it has the heaviness of Dingir, the shredding of Lugal and the structure of Ultu, all this with a crystal production. songs do not sound all the same, songwriting isn't bad(but not even mind blowing).
  3. great album, as always. but this time they've merged clean parts and chaotic parts even better. great riffs, great production. one of the best albums of the year.
  4. if he/she really does, it would be incredibly funny
  5. this is their best album since untouchables, far better than the serenity of suffering and the albums before.
  7. amazing album. really, one of the best of this year and their best album. The Dreaded Mystic Abyss is godly.
  8. it's an ok album. maybe even better than the previous one. the only problem are My Pain and Not Long For This World. those two songs are horrible.
  9. i don't even dare to compare anything in TEGG with the new shit, i was referring to the other bands out there. anyway, even that song destroys entire discographies.
  10. this song weak? this song is pure madness filled with glorious riffs, relentless drumming and godly vocals. it borders perfection and it's just the second track and beats bascially everything that has been released till now
  11. i agree on the part about being monotonous. after Make America Hate Again it's really boring.
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