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  1. better than i expected, great riffs and breakdowns. sound less AC and it's a little repetitive but overall it's a good album.
  2. amazing ep, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. this band is a blessing.
  3. it looks strange to release so quickly all this material for an EP. it probably will, considering it's a new project and they want to be sure of what they're doing. but they've released two song in one week. it's a big part of an EP. either way, i can't wait to hear more.
  4. i really hope that these singles are part of a full length. i need an entire album like this.
  5. this is a blessing. goddamn those lows are so good. i absolutely need more.
  6. those songs are definitely dark but i'd say that they portrait suffering more than fear. fear is certainly a part of the feel you prove listening to them, but here, there is even more fear. those glitches, those abrupt stops, the goddamn scream in "In Fear" make you feel like to be in a nightmare. if i'm not wrong this album talks about the self, knowing our deepest self, knowing what we really are as a person and facing that is pretty scary, so it's even a pretty coherent work.
  7. good. it's a very strange compliment. with all those effects it's like being in a nightmare, i don't think, or at least i listened to, other bands are capable of creating this feel on an album. this album is one of the best things i've ever heard, it's too on its own and this is what music needs nowadyas.
  8. listening to this album is like experiencing a bad trip.
  9. their previous vocalist, Mark Poida, dropped the band because he didn't want to do tours anymore. no idea of who the new guy is. he sounds like a mix of CJ from TAIM and Joe from FFAA.
  10. finally they came out of the shadows. the new singer is pretty plane.
  11. the gods of death metal. they're one of the few certainties in life.
  12. another great single. and the video is great too along with the one for the previous single.
  13. this is amazing. can't wait to hear the rest, they got my attention with the first single so i hope that there will be like an alternation between songs like the title track and this.
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