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  1. out of nowhere. they kept the vibe of the previous album. great song.
  2. great single, very curious to hear the rest of the album
  3. this album is their peak. everything is on point.
  4. yeah more or less. At least Holy War and Dear Desolation had something more "original", now they're recycling their own riffs making uninspired and boring songs.
  5. it's good but it's also pretty generic, bland. the first riff of the last two songs reminds the title track of the previous album(psychosadistic design) and Mob Justice.
  6. exactly, this and Nadir are albums on a complete other level compared to many other albums. they have this particular dark vibe, they describe darkness in a way that no one else ever did. these two albums are pure art. HLB's new album, from what i heard so far, is even more "low" with this dark vibe. while listening to this you really have this impression of being in a goddamn abyss.
  7. these songs just keep getting better and better.
  8. damn, all hope destroyed then. i'm in europe, just looked up for soi on itunes and still no previews except for the single.
  9. 1 precise minute or 1 minute and, like, 15 seconds or more? because in this preview each song is 1 minute and 30 seconds
  10. the only preview i found on itunes for this album is for the single released yesterday and is 30 seconds
  11. amazon's teasers are just 30 seconds per song. this preview is 15 minutes.
  12. artwork is godlike, the single is also really good. there is also Trevor Strnad in this track.
  13. previous single is better, this is pretty generic. the first riff reminds a lot the track Dear Desolation.
  14. masterpiece. this and Abyssal Mouth are their best songs, it seems this album will be amazing.
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