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  1. Nice to see them release a new single after 4 years without an album.
  2. Well, I gave it a spin, one too many.
  3. I mean Not Today was good
  4. Dude what the fuck this actually blew me away. They have never released a mediocre album and I liked some more than others, but the sheer creativity in songwriting this time is just overwhelming. Seriously essential listening.
  5. What the actual fuck
  6. These guys are fucking golden.
  7. This lacks bazynga theory and minions, fuck.
  8. This is the same argument people used for One More Light. It was just a mediocre pop rock album as well, this is even worse. If it's good music then it's good music, this jut isn't.
  9. There's minuscule glimpses of something from the better days of this dogshit band at certain parts of the album, for example 2:10 on The Chase or 2:15 on Hole in My Heart show an idea of talent and resemble something that doesn't even fit in their worst record to date. Holy fuck though, I actually sat through this without skipping a song and it wasn't worth it at all. Also why the fuck does it sound so fucking Country/Redneck-y at times? What audience are they even trying to cater to anymore? Jesus.
  10. What the fuck, Gossip is fucking terrible.
  11. This one's unironically great as far as pop tunes go. Actually this kind of vibe has been my most enjoyable type of edm/pop for the last year or two. Nice.
  12. Well that's great. Like this more than their previous stuff. Some songs are more like an experience than a song
  13. This is really good to be honest. Agree with people saying this is much better than the last two singles. Catchy as fuck and you can hear some resemblance of actual instruments, good stuff.
  14. Aw man, expected this hipster shit