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  1. Opinions aren't facts
  2. Huge step backwards compared to previous album of theirs, no clue what happened, not to mention most of the lyrics, the artwork and the album title don't help at all. With that said it does have good moments and ideas, but it doesn't flow as good and isn't executed as well as it could've been or as compared to most of their previous few records.
  3. This is quite nice tbh
  4. Cool album for the most part.
  5. I decided to check it because of kawaii artwork after seeing the review in my subscribtion box I didn't watch it myself, I only watch his reviews of stuff I've heard of or at least know, this I've never heard of.
  6. Shieeeeeeeet boi, these riffs are amazing. Even if the tags might be correct, as someone who doesn't enjoy stoner related stuff I am loving this, very different to the norm at least for someone as inept in the genre as me.
  7. Are we doing the cover comparisons ironically now? Look at fucking Hundredth copying Joy Division holy shit they will get sued A S F https://i2.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/-2LI_miAcuUM/VF4pezQsBLI/AAAAAAAABvE/XiADRzOLLJ8/s1600/Rplot.png https://cs7060.userapi.com/c639125/v639125154/1d52c/I3LyXgk6KaU.jpg
  8. What an absolutely terrible, generic chorus, the rest isn't bad tho.
  9. Liked their last EP a lot. RIP
  10. Makes more sense, still wouldn't call SI too patrician, but yeah they're more niche, but there's talent under all that edge and cringe, true.
  11. Transformers is a shitty blockbuster while Drive is a patrician movie, by those standards Attila is neither.
  12. Yeah I know, but it would've worked.
  13. Wait til you see the new MTS tracklist and see no Ether (while the Fireworks sound a lot like Ether).