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  1. Don't care for this at all. Then again the only song I really liked from the last album was Conquistador...
  2. Insanely good cover imo.
  3. Posts like this make me question the prioritization of what you guys post as singles lmfao when shit like Our Last Night or Arcane Roots are still out there. Also, why the fuck is this released in 2017 and not 2010 at the latest?
  4. Hyped as fuck for this, considering how they're back to more melodic yet fiercer approach like if you'd combine their mid-discography with Silence In The Snow. New single was really enjoyable and promising. Hope the rest follow suit. I assume new single this weekend.
  5. Oh yeah not banned anymore. Really like their style, a lot of potential judging from this debut EP. They have this awesome Post-hardcore vibe mixed with Proggy dissonance. Plus the mostly clean singing just sounds great to me. Same could be said about Lakeshore, but I like these guys more. Both bands have a good thing going and could for sure be one of the better things in upcoming years. @Marco_Earthqk good.
  6. @LKA I don't remember if it was me who sent it in or not but damn this shit's fucking cool.
  7. Good shiiiit, can already see this being more like new Hundy.
  8. Nice copypasta you tumblr whore
  9. also @Aria FF5 are better than this shit lol
  10. Oh man didn't even hear the bonus tracks yet but it's so weird how they released the more energetic singles (besides In Bloom) and then the rest of the album was unexpectedly mellow, it ain't even bad but just such a big bamboozle, I gotta say most of the songs are still catchy af and the acoustic one is dank just like December (thought I think that one's better) but the fucking Sam Carter one was somehow more energetic and catchier than the rest before the scramz even come in. I dunno if I wanted them down this path as LNOTGY was one of the best pop punk albums of the last 5 years and this will definitely not have as much lasting value, but who knows, still gotta hear the bonus tracks. Edit: Bonus tracks are actually really enjoyable, love Worth It, very catchy.
  11. Oh man, so I kinda dig all these tunes but I've yet to hear anything that's as good as the better half of LNOTGY, hmm.
  12. @LKA dat quote tho Like some of this sonically, but it's far from great. All these sad boi trap rappers are basically Hollywood Undead of mid 2010s, except unlike HU, a lot of them actually have some rapping prowess. The closer is just really cool vibes fam.
  13. Yeah they aint bad, wish they tried singing english but that could backfire.
  14. You had me at "powerviolence" daddy.