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  1. Rolo Tomassi, Oathbreaker both have female vocalists and most of the same genres, maybe try Myrkur - Mareridt too but that's a bit far fetched.
  2. this alone had me laughing, you win today.
  3. There have been addons for controller support for years Wouldn't even mind levelling casually a char this way.
  4. Can we just rename this thread to E3 discussion or something Either way, as usual I'm excited for the big boys @ BR-- Sony and Microsoft (just for the tech and whatever multiplat stuff they can premiere for us), and EXTREMELY hopeful we're finally getting some Cyberpunk 2077 shit, because god damn that game needs to happen, after the Witcher games the dudes @ Projekt Red seem to have figured out how to make great RPG systems and gorgeous worlds, may we finally get the ultimate cyberpunk open world RPG we (don't) deserve. Also for fucks sake, Death Stranding gameplay finally needs to happen, Kojima's holding out on us way too much. Other than that i'm just curious for more Spiderman/TLOU2/whatever the fuck else that's gonna happen. E3's fun, gives great content for some of my fave youtubers too, and the Day1/Day2/Day3 showfloor streams from Gamespot/IGN and similar sources are always great and reveal some great games that don't get enough (if any) spotlight during the press conferences.
  5. Very nice, not as thoroughly intense as previous stuff, but it seems plenty bands ar going for this path (Oathbreaker, Rolo Tomassi) and it quite works for all of them, as it make the sound more varied but keeps up most of the intensity.
  6. Imagine caring so much about a 2/10 album with one great song.
  7. Buried and Nowhere are great, needed more songs like that, because a lot of the others were rather underwhelming, don't need the intrusive clean vocals, the fast paced and symphonic parts are a highlight to this, not the damn choruses. It's an alright comeback, but considering some of their earlier material, it's really lacking.
  8. Good album, nice memes by Yachty.
  9. https://noisey.vice.com/de/article/bj3za8/desasterkids-homosexualitat-im-metalcore?utm_medium=link&utm_source=noiseyfbde Update.