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  1. Of Mice & Men "Defy" album details

    there was an attempt.
  2. DVSR - Therapy [EP] (2017)

    Better than the LP for sure. More variety and dynamics or whatever. Last album got old very quick, sameness was overwhelming.
  3. Jaden Smith - SYRE (2017)

    So you did listen lol
  4. Jaden Smith - SYRE (2017)

    It's actually really well produced, varied, has a lot of unexpected twists. Sonically fucking on point, the first 4 tracks alone have so much to offer. Hard to tell about lyrics or anything like that without delving into it deeper, but man this ain't bad at all. Gambino was right all along: My nigga Jaden Smith dropping jewels and niggas don't believe him cause he's Jaden Smith But it's all about packaging right? Real shit though, good and bad is all relative man
  5. For All Eternity - The Vacated [Single] (2017)

    I liked the previous single more but this is also really good. New album will be their best for sure.
  6. Ocean Grove's and Storm The Sky's covers were phenomenal. Loved Northlane, The Brave and Void of Vision too. Still have to hear the few unreleased ones tho.
  7. >just emo. Have you even heard an album that's "just Emo"? Because this shit's in a whole different galaxy from it.
  8. Because everything about this is mediocre and not worth anyone's time
  9. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    @FallenZAyou're honestly fucking retarded.
  10. Statues - No Grave, No Burial (2017)

    Damn this shit super lit.
  11. Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard (2017)

    lol what's this artwork hate? just scrolling through random ass albums released this weekend i can post plenty that are objectively much worse, this is fairly nicely executed except for the shitty black font for the band name. SOTY Wolves artwork's lower half is dogshit tho, fucking Deuce's album artwork is just pathetic.
  12. Void Of Vision - Disturbia [EP] (2017)

    Much better than the LP imo, also I read yesterday that Northlane's Jon produced, or helped produced it, that may be the Northlane influence.