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  1. What the fuck is happening to this band? You can argue whether Ground Dweller or Unimagine is their best album, and some will say it's their last one, but damn even Dissonants had so much better songs than the much more average shit they're pumping out with this album, I don't know what to say, sad, seems that the vocalist has improved while everything else got dumbed down. How can you even compare this to I Am even? That single song has more to offer than these two songs combined.
  2. Everything after Ryo Kinoshita joined is more or less great.
  3. this is only correct if you never liked them and still don't, if you think they got worse then I have bad news for you son
  4. Wow after those singles I don't even know what I expected but this has definitely exceeded those expectations. This is honestly amazing.
  5. Yeah you see I like certain pop punk sounds/bands but I always hated how these guys sounded, but this change in sound is a bold move for them and they even have some great songs in here, I think The Reaper is the best. They definitely delivered on the sound change. Would be cool if they didn't abandon it instantly like Senses Fail on their latest album.
  6. Gots to be some sort of big dumdum to not think this is their best album already.
  7. Glad they actually change it up every few years and are going for something actually not common, meanwhile other similar instrumental proggy bands can only follow
  8. Rue and The Lotus (clear reference to the song from their last album) sound fucking unreal tho, fuck these guys are awesome. This album is gonna be genuinely as good or even better as their last and that's already an achievement. Catchy choruses, unique sound, great lyrics, what else can you want?
  9. It was if you knew where to look.
  10. This band is wasted potential since the start.