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  1. hold-on-pain-ends signatures

    miss me with that gaeay kpawp shit
  2. it's the side thing that vibes it hardcore. Other than that, cool.
  3. I know it's coming so i'll just start the derailment: *cough* The Cold Sun *cough*
  4. WOWOD - Nutro (2018)

    See this is some good rooskie shit right here.
  5. Whale Bones - Island Fire (Preview) (2018)

    Dreamo, huh..
  6. This type of guitar is giving me PTSD at this point, fuck I hate that sound. This trend needs to fucking die.
  7. SiR - November (2018)

    @LKA same
  8. Troye Sivan - The Good Side (Single) (2018)

    Like this song a lot, a nice take on an acoustic tune.
  9. Kinshasa - Demo 2018

    Very good tbh
  10. Bloodbark - Bonebranches (2018)

    Oh fuck man, this is one of those where it's straight journey and not just a song.
  11. @Jericho_Miranda filthy weeb
  12. The Academic - Tales from the Backseat (2018)

    This is why you ALWAYS post youtube links under albums if possible, even though the artwork caught my eye, I was still hesitant because there's so much Indie Rock/Indie Pop (or well most genres in general are like that) that's "just there", but the youtube song is fucking amazing and I'll be for sure giving the whole thing a spin.