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  1. Other bands hate them! Click here to find out how one Clothing-brand-turned-band changed their sound twice in less than a year and aced that shit with flying colors both times!
  2. S-S-Sam C-Carter? What?
  3. probs has to do with some of what he said.
  4. Love these guys since their latest EP, I love the "signature" sound they're starting to develop that really makes them stand out, beyond excited for the new record.
  5. Make It Hurt is slowly becoming one of my fave songs by them, I love the breakdown in the middle and the more beatdown-y part near the end. Real nice.
  6. Pop punk saviors are back lul. The release date is 22nd tho, I'm pretty sure.
  7. The cover literally says "All Smiles" lol
  8. lol wow, if anything it's nice to see minimal artworks like these in the scene.
  9. fucking lit fam, thanks for looking out.
  10. Enjoyed this slightly less than last two (both on par) but it's still good and the bridge is pure FEELS
  11. These guys don't stop gradually improving lol. Shane's cleans are probably the best they've sounded.