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  1. Amazing comeback, love that they tried out some new ideas while kept their signature sound and wildness in most of the rest, and yes, their last two albums are a must listen.
  2. Really enjoyable album, catchy and melodic.
  3. Album is considerably worse than last but damn some songs are so god damn catchy. No Control and Deaf are amazing.
  4. Everything's Wrong is awful, Wasteland is a cool KSE rip-off I guess.
  5. Their debut album was great for it's time, awesome mix of alt.rock and post-hardcore, a bit rough around the edges, then they released what I think was their peak album which embraced more melodies, maybe more alt.rock and a bit less post-hardcore vibes, and man I still think that album is very fucking good to this day, even Dissonants had some great singles and very nice moments even if overall it dragged and was their worst album to date... until now. This is just so plain and hollow for them it's hard to even ever want to come back to it. Can appreciate some experimentation but it just feels like an album that's 1/3rd 90s/00s alt.rock tribute, 1/3rd what they've done in the last few albums and 1/3rd weird electronic pop rock that doesn't make much of an impact compared to previous stuff anyways. Yeah nah. Could still call Dissonants a cool album, this is just decent I guess. I'd rather go back and listen to the last few I The Mighty albums instead of whatever this is, the sound is similar but much better executed.
  6. Yeah man I don't know the song he released a few months ago is great and some of the stuff here is cool too but this shit is fucking wack and so formulaic overall.
  7. Their last album was honestly great, this hopefully won't be no less.
  8. This shit is fucking fantastic.
  9. B R U H I strongly advice everyone to listen to Satan In The Wait, Long Road No Turns and their last few albums if you're into noisy/mathy rock. This album is going to be incredible. The closer sounds wild as fuck, they're gonna end on an insanely manic note, but then again, most of their songs are wild.
  10. Mixed bag, some songs are great some are very alright. Translated is fantastic.