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  1. @BrickFace I mean it has potential but production could be much better. The instrumentals are actually really nice.
  2. This the type of shit we'd get if DGD mostly made songs like The Rattler and Shark Dad, I personally think this is more cohesive and more interesting than at least the last DGD album.
  3. This is very nice and I never evenostened to them before. Tokyo Smoke is amazing.
  4. It's not like I listened to Sub-zero a fuckton of times because it's one of their best songs while I listened to No Name a few times and never again and the rest of the EP is close to that level except for the last two songs? Still a good and bouncy EP just much more samey.
  5. Yeah I think this album is great, so many groovy, impressive, energetic moments packaged in their own djenty style.
  6. My fucking face when this is actually a good, dark, industrial release and not dubstep garbage. Is it just me or second song sounds like heavier but less over the place Death Grips?
  7. Don't you like a fuckton of deathcore which I find boring? Think you're gonna have a different view.
  8. Wow I expected much more from this, last album had some samey bounce but it was pretty tight until it got boring, this is just not good?
  9. this shit better sound as thicc as it looks
  10. Ok so these guys were never anything amazing but they always knew how to write quality scene shit and imo this album encapsulates everything they did in their last few albums and is probably their best release. Most of these songs are catchy and punchy as fuck and besides some bad lyrics and a few mediocre and repetitive songs around the second third of the album it's quite great.
  11. What the fuck is this? Brand New Dumb is literally bad but at least the chorus is catchy. Disguise is decent but as a whole this is not promising whatsoever.
  12. Better than most of their last album, goooooooooooooood shit.
  13. I like Behold The Crown more than the second single, wtf
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