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  1. Either I am just really in the mood for similar shit today or these guys are legit fucking top tier at this type of sound. Very Reflections/Danza meets Hardcore vocals kind of vibe to me, love it. The song structures are so god damn impressive and vicious and the production is solid as fuck too. Weird how Stay Sick signs some of the shittiest bands but also a fuckton of great talents. Legit some of the best metalcore this year so far. Big recommend
  2. The trend of them selling out and mainstreaming themselves was pretty obvious since last few albums, but holy fuck this is the definition of selling out. Literally any other pop rock band could get ina a room full of pop producers for a month and shit out the exact same thing and you wouldn't realize it's OOR or anything else. This is soulless drivel. At least Taka's brother is still doing music that still requires a bit of talent and isn't the most generic garbage possible.
  3. Was gonna post this on new Parting Gift but y'all never posted it even tho they signed Fearless and all.
  4. This is quite the single. Easily top 3 of theirs.
  5. love how doomy the instrumentals sound at part, this is fucking great.
  6. I expected a bit more after Revengee and Dark Kid being such insanely good lead singles but it's still quite awesome and it seems he's trying to do a bit different here.
  7. Can someone explain two things: Why is Alex from Northlane in this? I thought he's done with music, or maybe with touring, or maybe he just wanted to try new music ventures, who knows. Second: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE:
  8. Yeah but odds are they will have Talking Heads AND Vultures in the new album.
  9. because the song isn't from Mesmer...?
  10. i'm just in it for the sexy loli music videos
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