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  1. Very cool album, closer is fucking immense.
  2. same I was huge into it around 2012-2013 and some songs get stuck nowadays too and f(x) was a lot of those listens and remains in my top 25 most listened artists of all time so yeah even if she left the kpop world (for the most part) these news are still really fucked up just like all the other idols being suspected of or share about their depression and anxieties and yet just like in Lithuania (top 5 most suicides lol) South Korea has it really fucked in this regard. RIP.
  3. Thought last song was one of their best but this is aight.
  4. Yeah i'm only halfway through this but I'm already beyond impressed, god damn. Because of bands like this Noise Rock is becoming my fave genre. Big Banger is such an onslaught.
  5. lmao from chaotic hardcore (not a genre) to chaotic metalcore (not a genre)
  6. before opening the thread I was literally gonna comment "Strong artwork" and you basically took the cake already. This shit looks gargantuan.
  7. I'll assume you mean Michael because I agree completely, better vocal lines than almost anything on new BAAO.
  8. Release - September 20th, 2019 Genre - Grindcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. Stuttered Rope (1:49) 02. ICE Pick (1:28) 03. Metina Lako Achyar (1:32) 04. Dignity (1:18) 05. Halo of Lies (1:52) 06. Void Walker (2:46) 07. Path to Isolation (3:36) 08. Song Eight (3:05) 09. Pull Out My Eyes (4:24) 10. Controlled Matrix of Thought (0:52) 11. Disparity (1:19) 12. Fate of Fear (0:29) 13. S.A.M (feat. Antigama) (2:37) 14. Filius Lapis (0:56) 15. Crawlspace (1:43) 16. Abstract Maelstroms (1:35) 17. Selfish Vow (2:03) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
  9. Release - October 11th, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock, Acoustic Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Hemorrhage (3:06) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  10. Ok their last album was p solid in their sound group but it would get way too samey too fast, this shit tho has just enough variety and added sonic influences that it definitely is a much better experience overall, even the interludes enhance the album's flow so damn well. I expected to like this less, but it's quite awesome for the genre, shame the production isn't that great for the most part and I wish the first few songs' drums didn't rape my fucking ears.
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