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  1. Shouldn't have done in those strangers lol Really got allured by the artwork if anything, but the sound is quite great, when I looked up their fb and saw everything in spanish or whatever similar language it was I thought "oh no, not some shitty heavily accented emo-ish music" but a few songs in and it's quite awesome actually, reaaaaaaally vibes late 90s/early 00s post-grungy rock/phc.
  2. Ghost and Patient sound veeeeeeeery catchy but I'm quite indifferent to the singles so I doubt I'll like this much.
  3. This album is like 40% 6/10 genericore that's 5 years late and 40% pretty damn awesome bangers and some cool chill songs here and there. Very cool interludes, sadly they don't make much sense with the actual songs.
  4. I've heard this like four days ago but holy fuck it's so bad, one of their worst songs if not the worst, and that previous single gave me hope. Sad.
  5. Far from their best imo, decent song, has some better parts, chorus gets annoying personally. This just feels like them doing a veeeeeeeeery commercial thing even with the heavy parts.
  6. Whoa, shouldn't have missed this. Shit. No wonder my boy @peripherybcommented.
  7. In Flames is quite great, I think I'm gonna give this album a spin. Sounds like a more metalcore Arch Enemy.
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