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  1. @flokand1991 who the fuck is Holly?
  2. Very good. Sounds a bit like Oathbreaker, Spiritbox, some mathy TDEP influence is felt. Good stuff, would've liked even more if it had more and longer parts like Fine Lines.
  3. Had this account for over 10 years now, tastes have changed drastically in the last 5 years especially so it's a clusterfuck of new and old.
  4. Remember when some no-name alt.metal band assassinated their vocalist for clout? That was fucking bizarre.
  5. Just listened through this and liked it lots. Variety of sounds, very enjoyable. Cool Refused cover at the end too (Even tho not much was changed).
  6. Daughters AOTY. Black Tongue, mewithoutYou, INK, Black Peaks, Hellions and Behemoth, Basement and Haken were pretty great too.
  7. some shitty b-sides are better than proper EPs like Thornhill? Okay.
  8. Majority of this is great, but some of the weirder songs feel a bit interludey in a sense that they do some cool unexpected stuff but kinda just go nowhere and then end with some rushed outro or whatever. I also hate what they did with the closer, what was the purpose of that, why not switch the two halves or just remove that static thing in general? Also Beauty Mark legit sounds like a post-punkish AFI song.
  9. @Hope didn't this shit say 320 lmao
  10. Unexpected surprise, very nice
  11. I mean I could share the sentiment with most of the stuff he recently produced, but some albums remained pretty mediocre, like Motionless In White, this will probs be the case too.
  12. So you don't exactly like the music but because Drew Fulk produced it you like it for some reason?
  13. I didn't have many expectations going into this but this is some tight stuff, feels very Slayer-y at times.
  14. Damn this shit is sad lol, someone of course will love this, but even tho the production seems to be pretty cool for an alt.rock/alt.metal album, the songwriting is weak af. The songs were tiring me out before some previews even ended. The rap part is cool and all but its so disjointed from the rest it barely feels natural and not forced lol. Also idk if it's Matty's delivery or the lyrics are some of the most on the nose shit they've written.
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