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  1. Thank you I liked their 2018 LP a lot and saw they dropped some demo disc earlier this year too but couldn't find it on spotify so didn't bother, now this shit came out of nowhere so good to see it here! 😍
  2. Brilliant post my guy! Big recommend, great fucking record with a variety of chaotic songs who never overstay their welcome.
  3. Honestly wasn't huge on the singles but I can see this being a massive grower, the current non-singles and the Garret Russel song sound quite tight.
  4. Sounds a bit messy with the quality being all over the place but I dig the aesthetic of it during the second half especially. But honestly, Fever 333 anyone?
  5. Both new songs are bops and I think the overall aesthetic of this album is fantastic so far! Love how raw it feels.
  6. @DekinhoDesu gotta love fitness daddies with anime merch, and you somehow look better than ever
  7. @Foxlass your RYM list is the reason for this post.
  8. Is there a finer Blue-collar-core band than FFDP?
  9. Set was so fucking dope I watched it live. Inbred kept for last is such a fantastic choice too, incredible song and incredible performance throughout.
  10. Blasphemy is incredible, other songs are good too
  11. Release - January 31st, 2020 Genre - Drone, Dark Ambient Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. How Far Can You Go When You Close Your Eyes? (1:57) 02. A Vision Without Contours (4:13) 03. Dragging the Harrow (6:20) 04. Disruptive Emptiness (5:32) 05. Calm in Resignation (5:17) 06. Time Is a Child Playing in the Sand (7:28) 07. Ever - Newer Waters Flow on Those Who Step into the Same Rivers (4:14) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
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