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  1. F*ck that's another banger! Standard patterns but hey, that's what I expect from them and they don't disappoint
  2. That's really good, a little repetitive but I enjoyed this
  3. This is really good, absolutely love those covers
  4. Very powerful, loved it. I wasn't ready for that 11s scream
  5. Another banger, love these guys even with this new screamer. Can't wait for more
  6. Singles were amazing and I was a little worried the rest wouldn't follow but damn I was wrong, this is really good; it's like a part 2 of the Polaris album
  7. I thought it was another opus from Behind Blue Eyes and got a little confused but it's not! Still really good stuff though!
  8. That's good ! I'll have to look into their other stuff I guess now
  9. I'm speechless, this is so damn good
  10. You guys are really harsh, I wish every "bad" single were as good as this one! Yes I agree this is a very typical Metalcore song but that's what we're after listening to them. I love it and can't wait for the full length release whenever it is planned
  11. Can't wait for the album, this isn't as good as The Cure but still loving it! I'll just ignore the fact that Wyatt Stav did the drums on the track
  12. Comments above said it all, this album's gonna be fire
  13. I was so hyped for this, kinda disappointed... "I don't wanna to do this" lyric repeated 15 or 20 times is a little too much. Still on ok track though!
  14. Good single, can't wait for the album
  15. Gosh... Hello Abandon All Ships !
  16. First listen was nice, need to look into these guys
  17. Indeed, my bad.. I thought Never Nothing was an EP but it isn't!
  18. This is soooo good, can't wait for a LP release from these guys! Love the emotion on those 3 singles
  19. Absolut banger once again, one of the most underated British bands imo. Not sure if they plan on releasing a second full album anytime soon but hyped for more
  20. Pretty catchy ! I think I enjoyed this
  21. Right... Just sound so different to Day One, maybe they just changed their lead singer or smth, I don't know. Doesn't matter anyway, the tune is great, can't wait for more, whoever sings it
  22. I was sooo worried with this new screamer but I'm definitly not disappointed. Loving it, thanks
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