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  1. I don't find this as bad as everyone says. Definetly more what I expect from them compared to the previous single. I kinda dig this after a couple of listens
  2. This is really really good, they deserve much more recognition! Hollow Saints is incredible
  3. This is brilliant once again, can't wait for the album I'm so teased now
  4. This is absolut perfection, catchy but not generic
  5. This is absolutely brilliant, can't wait to hear more from these guys
  6. F*ck that's another banger! Standard patterns but hey, that's what I expect from them and they don't disappoint
  7. That's really good, a little repetitive but I enjoyed this
  8. This is really good, absolutely love those covers
  9. Very powerful, loved it. I wasn't ready for that 11s scream
  10. Another banger, love these guys even with this new screamer. Can't wait for more
  11. Singles were amazing and I was a little worried the rest wouldn't follow but damn I was wrong, this is really good; it's like a part 2 of the Polaris album
  12. I thought it was another opus from Behind Blue Eyes and got a little confused but it's not! Still really good stuff though!
  13. That's good ! I'll have to look into their other stuff I guess now
  14. I'm speechless, this is so damn good
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