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  1. This is good, very good, never heard of them before so I'll look into the previous albums as well
  2. Incredible album, great job !
  3. Never heard of them before but God this is good ! Very solid album
  4. This is amazing, never heard of those guys before. Don't sleep on this!!
  5. Myka Relocate are back !! Thought the electronic was too much at the start but for some reason I enjoyed this a lot !
  6. Reminds me of old Oh, Sleeper. Pretty good stuff
  7. Really solid album. Don't sleep on this
  8. This reminds me of... Tokio Hotel Such a disappointment, between BMTH and them, don't know which one's done the worst release. I'll go back to Disaster Area / Architects / If I Were You recent realease...
  9. I had never heard of these guys. Wonderful discovery, thanks, some tunes sound a bit like Bad Omens - not a bad thing.
  10. Absolutely amazing, just the perfect way the end 2018. These guys never disappoint
  11. What an album once again. Those guys are definitely talented.
  12. This is really good, they are going a bit softer compared to previous stuff they released but still well worth checking out !
  13. Them Japanese are quite good. Great album, catchy but not too generic.
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