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  1. I dig those riffs, eventhough this chorus is missing smthg imo
  2. Once again this is an absolut banger! I love this band, thanks!
  3. Do they really need a second singer ? I guess for live performances it'd be easier, but that dude is nailing it on his own!
  4. A little softer than The Cure, still good though
  5. Hell yeah! Once again this is really good, hope they'll release a full length shortly
  6. Wow that kicks some ass! My poor neck
  7. Thanks ! I just checked, full length coming later in the year
  8. Is the clean singer the dude from Whether, I ? Great song, can't wait for more
  9. This voice reminds me of VRSTY for some reasons, not a bad EP
  10. This album has been on repeat since it's been released. Thanks a lot for the discovery, once again
  11. This is good, typically what I expect from a decent Post-Hardcore band!
  12. This being classified as Post-Hardcore is beyond my understanding
  13. I guess I should have specified the "Metalcore / Post-Hardcore" cause yeah, I struggle with Black and Death metal I don't mind Gojira and Dagoba though, smh. Maybe you should check Moonreich, a small band from a mate of mine. Black metal is much more popular than metalcore (and all the sub genres around it) here for some reasons. Nice to hear you're looking into the French scene!
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