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  1. holy shit thank you pre ordered the vinyl from amazon in January not coming till Tuesday so thank you
  2. thank you filecrypt for all your hard work and merry xmas to all filekrypt and kindom leaks peeps
  3. wow thank you for this love paradise lost great early leak
  4. thank you been looking forward to this releaes
  5. thanks for this reminds me of early cathedral and my dying bride
  6. thank you been looking forward to this release
  7. gojira .magam has to be the best album i have heard in a long time also banks and steel good blend of hip hop and indi rock white shadow of norway /blaze of glory {real hip hop] and even thoe its just came out snoow goons goon bap is really good i cant choose lol sorry for my bad spelling and punctuation . and just want to wish you all and your family a merry christmas and a very very new year and i cant wait for the new run the jewles
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