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  1. My face ended up like this so now I have a puppy.
  2. That drum and bass part caught me off guard. End is fucking amazing, I'm glad Brendan Murphy started End.
  3. movements said they were going to release their LP2 but due to COVID-19 it messed up their release schedule. there isnt any information on tracklist or anything but it is confirmed that it was delayed due to covid-19, yet theyve had the album finished and mixed since october and couldve atleast released a single, and they have not.
  4. I'm not huge on female singing but Reba Meyers is badass
  5. Hair cut and bleached i look diff af
  6. look at me look at me. i am the captain now.
  7. I dunno how people on here see vocal covers or if they care for them at all, but yesterday I did my first cover of 2020 and its probably my best cover yet. Counterparts - Your Own Knife (Vocal Cover)

    Check it out if you get a chance, thanks!

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