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  1. it'd be fort minor then, if theres no chester...
  2. hopefully someone can get the puzzles bonus track =)
  3. July 26th - Wolves at the Gate - Eclipse Tracklist: 1. The Cure 2. Face To Face 3. A Voice In The Violence 4. Drifter 5. Enemy 6. Evil Are The Kings 7. Eclipse 8. Response 9. History 10. The Sea In Between 11. Alone 12. Counterfeit 13. Blessings & Curses
  4. geez, can DGD do no wrong O.O my fav band for life!!
  5. if you have to write a song like this.. sorry but you are racist...
  6. if you look at the tracklisting it seems like about 3-4 songs are missing =( 14.) Eye To Eye by Modern Moon from A Goofy Movie 13.) You're Welcome by Looking Through Me from Moana 11.) Beauty and the Beast by Sailias from Beauty and the Beast 7.) Hakuna Matata by Stories Through Storms from The Lion King can't seem to find em..
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