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  1. Great stuff! Now if only Heilung would leak....
  2. Should be noted the singer of Organectomy, Alex Paul, is the sole member of Rendered Helpless, who also put out an amazing album earlier in the year!
  3. Can't believe Alex Paul dropped the absolute BEAST of an album in that new Rendered Helpless album, and now his main band dropping YET ANOTHER AWESOME album. Also, Unique Leader because of course it is!
  4. Absolutely amazing track. Really awesome to see them progressing what make SOI so good, while adding more main-line Death Metal vibes. Ben Duerr is still an actual demon. Love the new logo, as the older one was pretty MEH to me. Fits REALLY well with the Seagrave-esque artwork!
  5. Supergroup INDEED! Jonny Davy - Vocals (Job For A Cowboy) Alan Glassman - Guitars (Goratory, Job For A Cowboy) Tony Sannicandro - Guitars (Job For A Cowboy) Max Lavelle - Bass (ex-Despised Icon, ex-Goratory, The Black Dahlia Murder) Darren Cesca - Drums (ex-Arsis, Goratory, Deeds Of Flesh)
  6. Slam is like Onions. It has layers. Also Rok Rupnik will always get my attention.
  7. Unique Leader has always been my favorite Label. They have always been the bastion for Tech/Brutal Death, with almost every notable band having called that label home at one time or another. Now they've not only dove into the Deathcore scene, but I'd say have the best line-up of Deathcore bands under their banner. While there may be some bands spread across some other labels, no label has anywhere near the depth of a roster that Unique Leader does. In case you don't believe or would want to know why, here ya go! Current Roster Abominable Putridity Acrania Afterbirth AlterBeast Applaud The Impaler Arkaik Beheaded Brand Of Sacrifice Cognitive Condemned Deeds Of Flesh\ Distant Dyscarnate Eschaton First Fragment Hideous Divinity Humanity's Last Breath I Am Destruction Ingested Katalepsy Krosis Lago Obliterate Organectomy Signs Of The Swarm So This Is Suffering Stillbirth The Kennedy Veil The Zenith Passage Xenobiotic Past Roster Alumni Aeon Decrepit Birth Disgorge Fallujah Gorgasm Gorod Hour Of Penance Inanimate Existence Inherit Disease Kronos Lord Of War Ovid's Withering (reissue) Psycroptic Pyaemia Rings Of Saturn Severed Savior Soreption Spawn Of Possession Vile Walking Dead Orchestra Wrath Of Vesuvius
  8. Even better that this game is a love letter to the old Quake, Doom, Hexen, etc. games. Amazing game with a fantastic OST. If you like 90's and early 2000's era shooters, grab DUSK on Steam. Will not be disappointed.
  9. I love how these two songs show a much more technical and melodic side. The addition of the keyboards and female vocals really show a depth to a genre in dire need of some progression.
  10. I'll comment: It's really good! I'll comment: It's really good!
  11. I can see why. For me, I'm always of the mindset to just enjoy the entire record as one giant song in a way. Regardless of if it's a concept or not, I just enjoy the insanity or lack thereof every time a Devy album starts.
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