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  1. In my honest opinion, 2019 has been one of, if not THE best year in Metal/Core music in a decade. Filled with established acts and new faces alike dropping album after album. The overall quality of each release reaffirms it further for me. The year isn't even over, and there's still massive releases to come and surely more debuts or sleeper hits to come. 2020 already looks promising as well, but this year is just insane. I haven't had a year like this where my personal "Best Of" list would demand me break it up by genre, and have ZERO issue filling each of my genres up with at the very least 10-15 per. It's just nutty.
  3. @Anton Chigurh Gandalfstorm is right on the money with the recommendations. Especially Twist In The Myth and Nightfall In Middle-Earth. I HIGHLY recommend their 1992 album "Somewhere Far Beyond". That album has the 2-part 'The Bard's Song' which is one part acoustic campfire-folk and second half is just a metal anthem. "Nightfall...." still holds up to this day as one of the absolute best concept albums (entore story is based off J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and The History Of Middle-Earth posthumous works).
  4. In my almost 30 years (jeez) being in the metal scene, having gone to hundreds of shows over the years, Blind Guardian is still one of the absolute greatest concert experiences I have ever had. Opeth, Pantera, and other juggernauts never came close to BG's show I went to as a young lad. Playing Nightfall In Middle-Earth in entirety with visuals and then having everyone raise a beer and sing along to The Bard's Song (In the Forest & The Hobbit) was probably the single greatest act of audience and fan interaction I've ever seen live. Blind Guardian is eternal. Regardless of genre, they deserve a place in everyone's heart.
  5. Those KORG keyboards really add that extra layer of depth to the compositions. Haken would be proud! Would be sweet to see Matti Way make an appearance during their set at ProgPower 2020.
  6. Not only am I stoked BCI has finally released some new tunes, but I cannot wait to hear the vocals their vocalist has lent to the DOOM Eternal soundtrack! For those that don't know, Mick Gordon, who did the soundtracks to Killer Instinct (Seasons 1 & 2), Wolfenstein (The New Order, The Old Blood, and The New Colossus), Prey (2017), LawBreakers, and both recent DOOM games assembled a "choir" of vocalists from various metal bands that at least include Aborted, Frontierer, Immortal Bird, Vault Dweller, Tengger Calvary, Wildspeaker, Black Crown Initiate, Sectioned, The Anchor, and more. This isn't entirely new, as Mick worked with Meshuggah's Frederik Thordendal on Wolfenstein: The New Order's OST. SUPER stoked to play yet another amazing game by iD Software that has amazing music by Mick again.
  7. This is probably up there with Slaughtercult (second LP). So pretty damn good!
  8. Some really solid hooks. Might be considered generic, but sounds good all the way through!
  10. Sounds slightly like "Puritanical"-era Dimmu Borgir, Blood Red Throne, and pre-"Arrival" Hypocrisy. Some well done Symphonic Blackened Death Metal.
  11. One of my favorite solo projects. Alex Rise has some really awesome stuff!
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