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  1. Some really solid hooks. Might be considered generic, but sounds good all the way through!
  3. Sounds slightly like "Puritanical"-era Dimmu Borgir, Blood Red Throne, and pre-"Arrival" Hypocrisy. Some well done Symphonic Blackened Death Metal.
  4. One of my favorite solo projects. Alex Rise has some really awesome stuff!
  5. One of my all-time favorite Gore Metal bands. My interwebs handle was Lord.Gore for a LONG time. Good to see most of the OG members are back, especially Maniac Neil. Now if only he'd resurrect Frightmare, then my days of blasting bands from Razorback Records will make its full return!
  6. I like the part where it slams really hard!
  7. Great stuff! Now if only Heilung would leak....
  8. Should be noted the singer of Organectomy, Alex Paul, is the sole member of Rendered Helpless, who also put out an amazing album earlier in the year!
  9. Can't believe Alex Paul dropped the absolute BEAST of an album in that new Rendered Helpless album, and now his main band dropping YET ANOTHER AWESOME album. Also, Unique Leader because of course it is!
  10. Absolutely amazing track. Really awesome to see them progressing what make SOI so good, while adding more main-line Death Metal vibes. Ben Duerr is still an actual demon. Love the new logo, as the older one was pretty MEH to me. Fits REALLY well with the Seagrave-esque artwork!
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