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  1. Thank you so much!! I've been trying to get support to offer a download and they started ignoring me.
  2. Just got the deluxe vinyl pre-order.... No download available for the two bonus tracks. Stupid bullshit. I'm coming around on this album, starting to enjoy it a lot more.
  3. I think they may have struggled a little with writing. I mean only 10 songs with one having been out for a long time. Although they do have 2 bonus tracks, which my bet is will probably be some of the best.
  4. I don't think this is getting released in the US, so THANKS!
  5. I really don't think this is better than the first. Some of the songs I could say are better or competitive, but overall the instrumentals were simplified a lot in most areas. She's Creeping just doesn't work most of the time and where are you now is kinda meh. Not bad, but the last album and the singles really raised my expectations.
  6. Well I had no idea they had a single already and almost scrolled past this! Huge fan, can't wait to listen!
  7. BOI The lyrics just confuse me haha, the chanting is what turned me off
  8. BETTER than DGD? Those are some strong words, my friend. Definitely comparable though.
  9. Really strange and oddly fun, thanks! I really like We Are Who We Are Now. It's not a banger like the others but it just has a great melody and flow. Chaos & Bliss is a God awful track though. Like fuk.
  10. Glad they finally released an original EP, hopefully an LP will come some day
  11. That song was truly haunting and chilling. Seriously one of their best songs. It showed so much promise, and then this happened. Maybe in 2020
  12. I must say that I really like Mike as a singer on this. If they continue one thing in their next album, I hope it's more use of Mike's vocals (both rapping and singing). While I'm not a fan of the album, it is not as bad as heavy made it seem. The singles were some of the worst except "invisible" and Mike's verse on "Good Goodbye"
  13. Damn, this is an amazing return to pure punk. Still waiting on an extremely aggressive song given the theme of this album.
  14. That's a shame, the song is so good! I hope you have luck with the label, I never received a response... They'd probably need to be pestered by a lot of people to consider it.