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  1. fantastic lazy summer afternoon chill tunes
  2. Me too - the season 1 and 2 OST are perfect background music when I'm working (and good listening at any time really)
  3. Probably going to see them next month. But I've somehow never listened to them, so thanks for helping me out!
  4. This is making me super happy. Great for a sunny Friday afternoon
  5. I..... actually am enjoying this! But not this rap at the end of DREAM
  6. didn't know they were still around, checking this out now
  7. I sure dig Lamb. I thought they were done, so this is a nice surprise, thanks
  8. Their 1979 album "Entertainment!" is essential. If you don't own it or know it, go get it now.
  9. I really like this band, and I feel bad because I forget about them or get them confused with She Wants Revenge. Anyway, really happy to have some new music from them, thanks!
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