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  1. Saw them on their "A Bell is A Cup Until it is Struck" tour, so very very good Always surprised that they are still together Thanks!
  2. Oh my, one of my favorite bands. need to check and see if I'm missing anything.... Thanks!
  3. just heard Ashes to Ashes. I'm hooked. thanks
  4. I really liked his first few albums, played the hell out of them until I couldn't stand them anymore Didn't like the last album, probably only played it once, so I approach this one cautiously...
  5. There are many bands that I love that I obsessively collect everything that they release Then there are bands that I like a LOT like New Model Army and for some reason, I don't own any of their music I have no idea why this is. I even saw them at the Cleveland Agora, back in the mid-90s I even just quoted one of their songs at somebody yesterday - "Don't ask anymore stupid questions, you already know the answers to"
  6. what is "Swancore"? I guess I'll have to listen and find out!
  7. They played this last week in CLE, sounded great. wait, it was 2 weeks ago.... I've had such a bad headcold I've lost track of time
  8. Awesome. Glad that they've been making music again, they were a big part of my honeymoon soundtrack back in '91
  9. fantastic lazy summer afternoon chill tunes
  10. Me too - the season 1 and 2 OST are perfect background music when I'm working (and good listening at any time really)
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