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  1. So happy to hear new music from them (other than R.Kirk's many other pseudonyms) I pre-ordered the CD just to get the tee shirt, been a CV fan since the mid 80s
  2. Pole! where has he been? I had just re-added his 1st 4 cds into my iTunes about a month ago!
  3. Oh! Andy Bell - of Ride! yes please and thanks!
  4. after 30 something years, I finally saw them in concert last fall - a tiny club in Akron, they were fantastic (and very loud)
  5. Classic - I used to spin this as a college DJ, 1985-87 at WRHA 590 AM, broadcasting from the bowels of Bulger Hall at University of Akron #goodtimes
  6. Saw these guys on touring Cleveland last year, they were a BLAST - I had way too much fun at that show.
  7. Loving it. And yeah, there's seems to be a stereotype for these synth wave album covers What I really want though is more albums like this - with plenty of good vocals. Too many instrumental albums in this genre, if you have any recommendations for this style w/ vocals - please let me know!
  8. Could we get the Fountains of Wayne discography please? any bitrate would do RIP Adam Schlesinger Fountains of Wayne - 1996 Utopia Parkway - 1999 Welcome Interstate Managers - 2003 Out of State Plates - 2005 Traffic and Weather - 2007 Sky Full of Holes - 2011
  9. I'm so old I saw them on the Bigshot Chronicles tour at Peabody's DownUnder in Cleveland.
  10. Sometimes I like him, sometimes not so much. Going to check it out, thanks!
  11. Well, I enjoy Skold, especially his work w KMFDM, so I guess I need to check this out !
  12. Saw them on their "A Bell is A Cup Until it is Struck" tour, so very very good Always surprised that they are still together Thanks!
  13. Oh my, one of my favorite bands. need to check and see if I'm missing anything.... Thanks!
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