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  1. @desk @mxzh thanks guys, means a lot. variety’s what keeps me going tbh! some of my favourite shows/shoots have been Twenty One Pilots, Death Grips, Childish Gambino, The 1975, Queen, Knocked Loose, Parkway, etc. lots of fun having so many different experiences in different environments. have Architects/While She Sleeps/Polaris tomorrow night
  2. What's up boss; been a Music Photog for about 4 years now. Check out my instagram if you'd like: VsualsAus . Congrats though, man; It's a great feeling, make the most of it.
  3. Why did we even post this here
  4. This was insane and i'm SO glad there are all these Health collabs dropping. I fw them
  5. Yeah this was fucking dope; I feel like i'm falling eternally through through the blade runner 2049 universe while getting closer to death every metre i fall.
  6. @Scotty_Trees He left to focus on his daughter & wife
  7. Yeah any update on the missing song
  8. someone update with the deluxe edition pls
  9. Thank you, finally! Been trying to get w^ for a while.
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