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  1. @tubthumpingbychumbawumba maate, this is their second album; if you want, I can make a zip of their entire discography?
  2. Is there a source for the Features; Mine are completely different with a source.
  3. America! https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1735247
  4. EP/ new co-headline tour w/ BAAO: Have Mercy & Varials. Called ‘The Private Room Tour’.
  5. They just dropped a 37 minute instrumental mix of this album on soundcloud that has a direct soundcloud download if anyone's interested!
  6. Finally!! I've been waiting all night for this! Hopefully my vinyl arrives tomorrow.
  7. They've also got another song that dropped with this; "Heartfelt". If we don't gave their last EP; that shit banged hard. definitely keep an eye out for these guys.
  8. Yas, I submitted this too; more people need to get on the Australian Blackened scene; High Tension's incredible; I'm happy to submit their Full length as well!
  9. They're not; I asked them. The last one 'God Awful' was a B-Side from Fail You Again but this one is just a single to let people know they're still around really. "We just like giving out free music for people to enjoy".
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