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  1. Cool story bro. I'm done with this thread and topic. If you wanna enjoy FPS feel free. Sorry I suggested you couldn't do it with a clean conscience. Have a nice life.
  2. Wrong. Engaging or acknowledging his art in any way is support. Not wanting to support a predator (pedophile) and his Born Again Bullshit act does not make me a silly goose, it makes me a sane rational human being with a conscience.
  3. @Lastbutnotleast81 I already picked up the vinyl, but do you guys plan on releasing 'Burden' on CD? I would like a copy go with 'Morning' Either way, fucking rad album.
  4. Although I can hear similarities between WPSE and TFB, I'd say the riff on "Rest" is more of a direct rip off of "Dead Bird" than "Swimming Pool". I mean Wicca's lawyers haven't threatened to sue Brian Sella. Which is something they did do when McCafferty 's Nick mentioned it in Instagram and FB. In either case Wicca is a hack and I am a fan of both of the bands he [allegedly] chose to rip off.
  5. I wonder how many of the riffs on the album this charlatan stole. "Rest" can't be the only one.
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