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  1. I'm usually really picky about Deftones covers, but this one...I love it for some reason!
  2. So stoked for this. Was excited thinking it was the album leak. Will wait to listen in full when released. Thanks OP for the hype though, this album is gonna be massive! Can't wait!
  3. This is pretty dope! Thanks OP!
  4. No disrespect to the OP! *My personal purchase*. It's VBR, so if you want 320, sorry blame Amazon lol. Worth a buy for those who can afford it. \m/
  5. Yeah all it took was one listen and I went and bought it. So worth the money! Hope they get noticed, get big.
  6. Thanks, sorry for the trouble :D. Contacted the OP.
  7. Anyone notice the skipping on certain tracks? If so I uploaded my personal purchase if it could be added to the OP...not sure how to do that.
  8. Thanks! Been looking forward to hearing this!