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  1. @WeAreTheEmpty I knew it lol! Glad to see you on here too dude! This place has turned me on to so much new music it's crazy. Just a community of music lovers from all over. Regardless of the leak, I'm always gonna be a proud supporter of you guys. And yeah that new E11 is gonna hit hard! Can't wait for that one either!
  2. @thespionage If you've ever heard of Lo-Pro, this is the lead vocalist from that band. IF you haven't heard of them, I really really suggest giving them a listen as well. Came out about around the same time as 32 Leaves. Give "1 Day" and "Sunday" a spin. Cheers!
  3. @WeAreTheEmpty is that you K? If so long time no speak bro! Seriously proud of you dudes and how far you've come. Can NOT wait to see what's next. Haven't given this record a spin yet, but was blown away by the track list. Still rocking the S/T though, it's always gonna be near and dear to my heart!
  4. Awesome to see this on here, this is one of my buds, he used to be one of the guitarists in Eldest 11, all those guys are super down to earth. Thanks to OP for posting this! 👍
  5. Lil Wyte / 666 Mafia cover, nice, don't see that often. I'm digging this though.
  6. Totally buying this, been missing DC/Widow, need some more! Thanks Vicente! ♥️👍
  7. Pre-ordered the CD and cassette, but going to go ahead and listen. Thanks KL and OP!
  8. My last recorded demo: Nomad7


    Listen to Nomad7 - RAW 6 by downtheory #np on #SoundCloud

  9. Listen to April Construction (EARLY_RAW_DEMO) by downtheory #np on #SoundCloud

  10. My music project / demos:

    Downtheory Demos


    Working toward getting a new recording setup to resume work. Hoping to improve my playing and recording skills.

  11. Honestly, that took me on a journey. Loved it! Makes me want to improve on my demos and get an EP or something out. Thanks for the share OP, this for me was pretty great. I'd donate if I could.
  12. Thanks OP. I pre-ordered the album a while back, but couldn't resist hearing it. Thanks for the links! Interested in seeing how this sounds.
  13. I pre-ordered the album the other day, kind of excited about it, although it does kind of feel like a cash grab on Peep. I dunno...will enjoy either way. Thanks OP for the upload, was wondering when a single would be available to download.
  14. At first I wasn't so sure how I felt about this, was feeling it would be underwhelming or same-y to most other bands I've heard lately... But I was wrong. Really digging this! Love the variation in song structure, sounds, and styles. The vocals got me too. Really like this, interested in hearing more for sure!
  15. I'm really loving this! Like a mixture of some of my favorite late 90's early to mid 2000s bands. Taproot, Deftones, Depswa and From Zero. Great upload! I'm buying this now!
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